Tatar Union of the Militant Godless

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The Tatar Union of the Militant Godless was an organisation that was a part of the larger League of Militant Atheists in the Soviet Union and was founded for the purpose of propagating militant atheism in the region of Tatarstan. From 1928 to 1937, Burhan Mansurov served as the chairman of the organisation.[1]


  1. Alexandre A. Bennigsen, S. Enders Wimbush (1980). Muslim National Communism in the Soviet Union: A Revolutionary Strategy for the Colonial World. University of Chicago Press. Retrieved on 10 November 2011. “Mansurov, Burhan (18?-1937), Tatar, companion of Sultan Galiev. ... In disgrace after Sultan Galiev's trial in 1928, he was, until his final purge in 1937, chairman of the Tatar Union of Militant Godless.”