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The Hague

The Hague (Dutch: Den Haag or 's Gravenhage ) is the seat of government of the Netherlands. However, Amsterdam is the official capital city (compare Tel Aviv and Jerusalem).

The Hague is a quiet conservative city, compared to the cultural center of the Netherlands Amsterdam and the industrial port city of Rotterdam.

Notable buildings in The Hague are:

  • The Binnenhof (lit: inner court) the seat of parliament since 1446
  • The Noordeinde palace, the "working palace" for Queen Beatrix since 1984 when she took office
  • The Mauritshuis, museum exhibiting the Royal Picture Gallery
  • The Peace Palace (donated by Andrew Carnegie)
  • The International Court for Criminal Justice
  • Hollandspoor Station (a model for Tokyo Central station)
  • The European Patent Office

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