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Atheists and sexual abuse

The atheist movement is associated with significant amounts of sexual abuse.[1] In light of this ongoing scandal, many individuals have left atheism, which carries with it an association with sexual predators (See: Decline of the atheist movement and Decline of militant atheism in the West).[2]

In 2018, Kimberly Winston wrote in The Washington Post:

Organized secularism has been struggling with charges of misogyny, sexism and sexual harassment for almost a decade...

The alleged misconduct of these leaders, “was tacitly co-signed by an atheist leadership that is largely hostile to social and gender justice and complicit in the marginalization of women’s issues,” said Sikivu Hutchinson, an activist who is often critical of organized atheism on the subject of women and people of color. “The atheist movement is no different from other male-dominated bastions in which sexual harassment and predatory behavior toward women are part of the culture.”[3]

Atheist Lawrence Krauss and sexual abuse allegations

Militant atheist Lawrence Krauss was suspended from his position at Arizona State University due to allegations of sexual assault.

David Silverman, former president of American Atheists, fired due to sexual assault allegations

David Silverman has been dismissed as the president of American Atheists due to sexual assault allegations.

David Silverman served as the President of the American Atheists organization. [4] Silverman was fired due to allegations of financial conflicts and sexual assault.[5] Silverman, through his lawyer, denies any wrong doing and indicates he has never had a non-consensual sexual encounter.[6]

In his book, Fighting God, Silverman indicates that he is a “proud feminist”.[7]

Concerning Silverman's scandals and subsequent firing, atheist and feminist PZ Myers said, "It's a terrible day for organized atheism."[8] Myers spent $1200 for a lifetime membership with American Atheists because he was impressed by the way Silverman went after the “anti-feminist” atheists.[9] See also: Decline of the atheist movement

Atheist Brian Thompson on prominent atheists and sexually predatory behavior

James Randi is a prominent atheist. Brian Thompson, former James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) Outreach Coordinator, wrote:

But I no longer identify with this community of benevolent know-it-alls, because not all of them are the best folks in the world. In fact, a good percentage of the top ten worst humans I’ve ever met are prominent members of the skeptics’ club. They’re dishonest, mean-spirited, narcissistic, misogynistic. Pick a personality flaw, and I can probably point you to someone who epitomizes it. And that person has probably had a speaking slot at a major skeptical conference.

I grew particularly disgusted with the boys’ club attitude I saw among skeptical leaders and luminaries. The kind of attitude that’s dismissive of women, sexually predatory, and downright gross. When I first started going to skeptical conferences as a fresh-faced know-it-all, I started hearing things about people I once admired. Then I started seeing things myself. Then I got a job with the JREF, and the pattern continued.[2]

Atheism and rape

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Atheism, pederasty and NAMBLA

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