Bubble nebula (NGC 6822)

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Bubble nebula (NGC 6822)
NGC 6822 Bubble and Ring nebulae.jpg
Observational Data
Designation Hubble 1925 I
Right ascension 19h 44m 31.8s[1]
Declination -14° 41′ 57″[1]
Constellation Sagittarius
Type of object Emission nebula
Distance from Earth 1.6 million ly[2]

The Bubble nebula in Barnard's galaxy (Hubble 1925 I) is an emission nebula situated in Barnard's galaxy (NGC 6822). Barnard's galaxy is a barred irregular galaxy and known for containing over 150 large HII regions, an unusually high number.[2] The nebula was first observed by Edwin Hubble in 1925. The nebula's name derived from its bubble like shape, but it should not be confused with NGC 7635 which is also called the Bubble nebula.


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