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Herbig-Haro object HH32.jpg
Observational Data
Designation HH-32
Right ascension 19h 20m 30s
Declination +11° 02′ 00″
Constellation Aquila
Type of object Herbig–Haro object
Distance from Earth 1,000 ly

HH-32 is a Herbig–Haro object found in the constellation of Aquila.[1] It is the green/blue nebula at the top of the image. It is formed when jets of gas from the star hit other gas and dust that produce shockwaves in the gas.[2] This creates heat, which causes hydrogen atoms to glow green and sulfur atoms to glow blue.

Properties and Structure

The star at the centre of this Herbig-Haro object is catalogued as AS 353A.[2] The jets are almost aligned along our line of sight, with the length of the two jets totalling around 0.54 light years. The jet closest to us is about 0.2 light years long and bi=righter than the other. This may be because the other jet is ejecting less material or it is obscured by gas and dust surrounding the star.


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