Footprint nebula

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Footprint nebula
Minkowski 92.jpg
Observational Data
Designation Minkowski 92
IRAS 19343+2926
Right ascension 19h 36m 18.830s[1][2]
Declination +29° 32′ 50.86″[1][2]
Constellation Cygnus
Type of object Planetary nebula
Distance from Earth 8,000 ly[3]
Proper motion RA: -11.2 mas/year[1][2]
Dec: -4.1 mas/year[1][2]

The Footprint nebula (Minkowski 92, M1-92, IRAS 19343+2926) is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation of Cygnus, the swan.[4] Also known as Minkowski's Footprint, the nebula is composed of two large onion-like structures. There is a star situated at the centre of the nebula. Pulsations on the star's surface are causing it to eject large quantities of material to produce as a strong stellar wind. Electrically charged particles in the ejected material shape the surrounding cloud. The nebula is also a reflection nebula as it reflects the light emmitted by the central star.[3] The clouds of gas and dust are thought to have a mass of 0.9 solar masses.[5] The nebula was observed by the Hubble Space Telescope in the 1990s.


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