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HH47 jet.jpg
Observational Data
Designation HH-47
Right ascension 08h 25m 44.31s[1]
Declination -51° 00′ 26.2″[1]
Constellation Vela
Type of object Herbig-Haro object
Distance from Earth 1,140 ly[2]

HH-47 is a Herbig-Haro object in the constellation of Vela.[3] The object is 4.83 trillion km long (about ten times larger than the Solar system) and is situated 1,140 light years from Earth, near the Gum nebula.[2]

THe nebula consists of a central star inside a Bok globule, a dark nebula that contains stars, which is ejecting gas at supersonic speeds of 100 to 1000 kilometers per second.[2] This gas is ejected along the rotational axis of the star producing a "bipolar outflow" of material. The shock of this material colliding with other gas causes it to glow. The complicated gas patterns suggest the star may be wobbling, possibly due to the gravitational pull of a smaller companion star. Various compounds such as water and carbon dioxide ices, as well as organic molecules such as aromatic hydrocarbons.[3]


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