E nebula

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E nebula
E or Barnard's E Nebula.jpg
Observational Data
Designation Barnard 142/143
Right ascension 19h 39m 42s[1]
Declination +10° 31′[1]
Constellation Aquila
Type of object Dark nebula
Dimensions 40'[1]
Distance from Earth 2,000 ly[2]

The E nebula (Barnard 142, Barnard 143) is a dark nebula in the constellation of Aquila.[2] The nebula can be found not far from the star Altair and is best observed during the summer months.[3] The E nebula is a combination of two nebulae that E. E. Barnard described, which he designated Barnard 142 and Barnard 143 in his catalogue. Barnard 143 has the appearance of a square with one side missing. This with the southern Barnard 142 produces a shape reminiscent of a capital E, giving the nebula its name.

Located 2,000 light years away, the nebula appears around half a degree across, similar to that of the Full moon.[2] This means it is approximately 0.01 ly wide. The nebula is a dark nebula, meaning it is visible because it obscures (blocks) the light of background stars.