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True conservative meaning - The group of harder working more intelligent producers on whose back this country is built.
False liberal redefinition - The group of people in control of the resources (often used with an negative connotation).
True conservative meaning - An effective method of toppling dictators and communists leaders of lesser foreign countries by cutting off their supplies.
False liberal redefinition - A tactic that is harmful to innocent civilians.
True conservative meaning - the idea that all humans are entitled to the same rights and opportunities
False liberal redefinition - the idea that all humans are entitled to the same number of goods and services; alternatively, a code word used to promote special rights
True conservative meaning - A foolish ideology intended to turn people away from God
False liberal redefinition - The correct scientific position, that we all evolved from mud
True conservative meaning - rejection of bibilical principles; immoral or liberal behaviour
False liberal redefinition - N/A (liberals believe in moral relativism, and that there is no such thing as evil)