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True conservative meaning - Being able to stand by your actions and words, not being afraid to debate against people with different ideas.
False liberal redefinition - Disrespect or violence against women.

True conservative meaning - A union between one man and one woman under God.
False liberal redefinition - A legally-binding domestic relationship between any number of people of any age, familial relationship or gender.

True conservative meaning - Spiritual offspring of God created in His image.
False liberal redefinition - The oppressor of women.

Date: 1950
True conservative meaning - going after communists to prevent deceit and treason in the government and society
False liberal redefinition - to harass or intimidate people and accuse them of treason without good evidence, merely because they hold leftist views

Conservative word
Date: 1958
True conservative meaning - A system where a person's place in life is decided by merit and talent (See Conservapedia)
False liberal redefinition - N/A (don't believe in merit)

Minutemen (historic)
True conservative meaning - A group of elite American fighters during the Revolutionary War. Possibly the first commandos.
False liberal redefinition - Americans that were able to quickly be armed (within a minute) to repel British attacks.

Minutemen (present)
True conservative meaning - A group of volunteers who valiantly defend our country and its values from Mexican influence by stopping illegals from crossing the border.
False liberal redefinition - Crazy, violent vigilantes.

moving the goalposts
Date: late 1980s
True conservative meaning - accusation evolutionists use to avoid answering questions
False liberal redefinition - a fallacy where agreed upon conditions for determining an argument are arbitrarily changed after the conditions have been met
Conservative word
Date: 1754
True conservative meaning - rule by mob (see Wikipedia)
False liberal redefinition - a democratic, co-operative, participatory and anti-hierarchical system, see Occupy Wall Street

moral majority
Conservative word
Date: 1979
True conservative meaning - a Christian conservative movement
False liberal redefinition - a far-right, religious fanatic organization that wishes to establish a theocracy in the United States