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True conservative meaning - The basic unit of society consisting of one man, one woman and children
False liberal redefinition - A taxonomic rank between Order and Genus, used by atheist scientists to organize organisms based on supposed evolutionary relationships

Family Values
True conservative meaning - Values required to raise a productive, moral, and happy family. Marriage between a man and a woman, worship in God, and working for a living.
False liberal redefinition - Bigoted, hateful, and racist values forced upon society by the so called "Religious Right".

True conservative meaning - A far left philosophy defined by big government.
False liberal redefinition - A dead politic system used by the Nazis. Liberals deny that fascism is still a threat, and claim that historical fascism is a conservative philosophy.

True conservative meaning - Anti-abortion philosophy espoused by suffragettes who sought the right to vote.
False liberal redefinition - The idea that women should be equal to men in all things.

First amendment
True conservative meaning - An amendment to the United States constitution that prevents the government from interfering with the free exercise of religion
False liberal redefinition - An amendment to the United States constitution that prohibits Christians from making public declarations of faith.

True conservative meaning - A catastrophe caused by water rising above the banks of a river. All floods are reminders of the Great Deluge.
False liberal redefinition - N/A (liberals rarely use this word because of its connection with the Bible)

Food Police
True conservative meaning - Liberal effort to control what people eat by illegal regulation.
False liberal redefinition - allowing the government to control what people eat because they know better than the free market.

Founding Fathers
True conservative meaning - The Christian men who used powerful conservative ideas to found the United States
False liberal redefinition - Atheists who wanted an atheistic country

free market
True conservative meaning - A market without unneeded regulation which creates prosperity for all.
False liberal redefinition - an evil system which creates inequality.

free speech
Date: 1789
True conservative meaning - The right to speak and pray without government interference.
False liberal redefinition - The right for certain groups to force their views on others.
True conservative meaning - The ability to live in a society free of government influence
False liberal redefinition - Something that the government has the right to curb
True conservative meaning - Remaining true to the original intentions of the Bible
False liberal redefinition - Overly religious zealotry