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labor union
True conservative meaning - an collective organization that undermines the workings of the free labor market
False liberal redefinition - a legitimate way to accumulate political power
Date: 1825
True conservative meaning - an economy run free from government interference
False liberal redefinition - an archaic idea that doesn't allow a liberal government to dictate the market
lamestream media
Date: 2009
True conservative meaning - the incompetent mainstream media
False liberal redefinition - N/A (not willing to admit their media is extremely flawed and biased)
Date: 14th century
True conservative meaning - somone who rejects logic and supports an overbearing government and anti-Christian policies
False liberal redefinition - someone who supports liberty
Living Constitution
True conservative meaning - a liberal judge deciding matters based on their personal beliefs, rather than the word of the Constitution
False liberal redefinition - a Constitution that evolves with society
True conservative meaning - using evidence and basic reasoning to come up with conservative insights into politics, law, and other aspects of life
False liberal redefinition - unreasonably excluding any spiritual or non-scientific reasoning to justify liberal philosophies.
Date: 12th century
True conservative meaning - another name of God, or title for a male noble.
False liberal redefinition - N/A (prefer not to use the word because of its biblical and Christian connotation)