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war crime
True conservative meaning - violation of war conventions, generally perpetrated by communists (See Obama and warcrimes).
False liberal redefinition - American war efforts under George W. Bush.

True conservative meaning - Hard working Americans forced to give their money to leeches who would rather have children out of wedlock than work.
False liberal redefinition - A social "safety net."

True conservative meaning - Evil, or morally wrong
False liberal redefinition - Fun or interesting

True conservative meaning - an unreliable, heavily liberal-biased website than claims to be an encyclopedia
False liberal redefinition - a comprehensive, neutral, encyclopedia that should be used for research and to find answers

True conservative meaning - Man's companion, created to be a help meet for man.
False liberal redefinition - The equal to man. Sometimes spelled "womyn" by feminists.

world government
True conservative meaning - evil liberal idea of uniting the world under one atheistic banner (see Tower of Babel).
False liberal redefinition - a method of reducing warfare and promoting equality.

working class
True conservative meaning - communist concept intended to turn workers against management.
False liberal redefinition - The group of people who work.