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Campaign finance reform
True conservative meaning - A method to curtail the free speech of corporations.
False liberal redefinition - A way of limiting the valid effect of money on politics.
Date: 1850-1855
True conservative meaning - the best economic system known to man; involves the free market, private ownership and personal responsibility
False liberal redefinition - greedy system where the rich flourish
True conservative meaning - A highly efficient method of transportation using an internal combustion engine for power.
False liberal redefinition - A dangerous device that harms the "environment." Liberals dislike cars because they give individuals freedom of movement.
True conservative meaning - Banning certain information based on ideology, a liberal tactic.
False liberal redefinition - A method of not offending people.
True conservative meaning - a word misleadingly used to describe a liberal who may not support every single aspect of the liberal philosophy
False liberal redefinition - someone whose personal politics falls in between conservative and liberal
Date: 13th century
True conservative meaning - voluntarily helping out others
False liberal redefinition - forcibly helping the less fortunate through oppressive taxes
True conservative meaning - A secularized term preferred by atheists to describe the Followers of Christ
False liberal redefinition - One who believes in Christianity
Christian In Name Only
True conservative meaning - One who professes to be a Christian in public but privately holds beliefs or behaves in a way that is antithetical to Christ's teachings.
True conservative meaning - The true religion.
False liberal redefinition - One religion among others.
Date: 1799
True Conservative meaning - liberal nonsense
Date: 1850-1855
True conservative meaning - A method of grouping society into sets based on employment.
False liberal redefinition - Different groups within society who are in opposition to one another. See Class warefare.
Climate change
True conservative meaning - Normal seasonal variation in temperature and weather.
False liberal redefinition - A conspiracy that claims humans are somehow raising the temperature of the entire planet. This is used as a pretext to raise taxes and impose burdensome regulations on small business.
True conservative meaning - Freeing people by making society more capitalist.
False liberal redefinition - Caring about those less fortunate than oneself and using the state to promote some basic protections against extreme poverty and destitution.
Date: 1840
True conservative meaning - a liberal and atheistic system based on state ownership of the economy and murder
False liberal redefinition - democracy
Date: 14th century
True conservative meaning - a group of people; society
False liberal redefinition - the government
Date: 2006
True conservative meaning - The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.
False liberal redefinition - an American conservative Christian-biased encyclopedia.
Date: 14th century
True conservative meaning - a good person who believes in personal responsibility, free markets and good Christian values.
False liberal redefinition - an evil person
True conservative meaning - a fundamental law that defines a system of government and provides enforceable limits on the power of that government
False liberal redefinition - an excuse for activist judges to undo democracy
True conservative meaning - A job creator and legal person entitled to all the constitutional rights afforded human Americans, including freedom of speech in the form of money donated to political candidates
False liberal redefinition - An evil, oppressive entity with limitless power to sway elections and write laws for their own benefit at the expense of the people. (Liberals like to deny that corporations are, in fact, people.)
True conservative meaning - the problem atheists have of justifying the fundamental goodness of the universe in the face of evil
False liberal redefinition - no such problem exists, as liberals will deny ascribing qualities such as "fundamental goodness" to the universe
True conservative meaning - The correct scientific position, that God created the universe and humanity in six days.
False liberal redefinition - A foolish ideology.
True conservative meaning - Attacking a website with an ideology you disprove of. Frequently used by liberals.
False liberal redefinition - Harmless fun.