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True conservative meaning - a person who has been recognized by a Christian denomination and approved for public and private veneration; alternatively, any true believer
Date: 2003
True conservative meaning - The surname of former Republican Senator and 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum
False liberal redefinition - (definition inappropriate for family website)
True conservative meaning - The censorship of religious expression in courts, government, and schools.
False liberal redefinition - The separation of religion from other aspects of public life.
Date: 1850-55
True conservative meaning - a euphemism used by atheists not only to make things more atheistic, but to eliminate Christianity from society altogether
False liberal redefinition - a philosophy that the government should not give special preference of one religion over another
social justice
Date: 1840
True conservative meaning - the liberal/Marxist idea of redistribution of wealth
False liberal redefinition - applying ideas of justice to the economic inequalities in society
Date: 1827
True conservative meaning - an evil liberal economic system where the state controls everything
False liberal redefinition - an economic system where the means of production are controlled commonly by the public
True conservative meaning - a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests
False liberal redefinition - none, as liberals insist that there is no such thing
True conservative meaning - the immortal essence of a human.
False liberal redefinition - a false idea used by the religious to raise man above our true animal state.
True conservative meaning - a belief without justification based on fear of the unknown, ignorance, or on a false principle of causation; antithetical to Christianity
False liberal redefinition - just one of many belief systems, each of which is valid for the person who chooses it