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hate crime
Date: 2007
True conservative meaning - An attempt to punish people for their belief in biblical law.
False liberal redefinition - Laws intended to protect minorities and homosexuals from violence.
Date: 1980
Conservative Word
True conservative meaning - teaching by the mother or father or instructor under direction of the mother or father; contrast with public schools
False liberal redefinition - propagandistic education, by an unqualified teacher, designed so that the student doesn't learn about ideas outside the parents' ideology in public schools
True conservative meaning - sexual relations with someone of the same gender: a hedonistic and wrong choice
False liberal redefinition - one of several possible sexualities a person can be born with
homosexual agenda
Date: 1989
Conservative Word
True conservative meaning - agenda to give homosexuals special rights and turn children towards the homosexual lifestyle
False liberal redefinition - a movement designed to give homosexuals equal status to that of heterosexuals and rid of bigotry against homosexuals
Liberal term
True conservative meaning - atheistic view
False liberal redefinition - a ethical philosophy that rejects supernaturalism and centers on purely human values, interests and dignity