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Rate of Generation of Liberal Terms

The rate of generation of liberal terms is increasing, but not with the enduring value of the conservative terms and not with their geometric rate of increase. A remarkably high percentage of new liberal terms originated in the 1960s, suggesting that new liberal terms arise in a sporadic manner heavily influenced by culture:

Century # New Liberal Terms
1600s 4
1700s 3
1800s 13
1900s 41 (10 in the 1960s)
2000s 9

New Liberal Terms

New liberal words often have deceptive, or nonsensical, meanings. Here are some new words created by liberals to combat conservatism:

New Term Origin date Comments
agnostic 1860 someone who claims to not know whether God exists but still lives like an atheist
astrobiology 1935 study of life in outer space[1]
atheist 1571 useful and often deceptive alternative name for an anti-Christian
big bang 1948 term invented by the leading British physicist Sir Fred Hoyle to mock this suggestion of how the universe was formed, but later accepted as a serious term rather than mockery;[2] it's liberal because it trivializes the beauty and the faith of the moment
bilingual education 1972 a euphemism describing a costly and hurtful program that hinders the learning of English by foreign-born children in American public schools, which hurts their future opportunities
bureaugamy 1999 Evolutionist Lionel Tiger coined the phrase to refer to the relationship between officially impoverished mothers of illegitimate children and the government.
carbon footprint 1999[3] this term indicates an individual human's effect on the environment by production of carbon dioxide
chairperson 1971 even Alice Sturgis, the leading parliamentarian of the 20th century, rejected this cumbersome form of political correctness.
check-off 1911 automatic deduction of union dues by the employer from the employee's paycheck, so he has no choice
class warfare first entered the political lexicon primarily as an attack by liberals against conservatives. [4]
climate change 1992 The UN defined “climate change” as man-made. In the process, creating a nonsensical meaning on par with climate-sameness.
communism 1840
compassionate-care clinics 2008 a term describe pot-shops that dispense medical marijuana [5]
compassion fatigue 1968 liberals, driven by materialistic self-interest, are likely to suffer from this.
condescension 1647 treating another person as though they are inferior
creationism 1880 like most "isms", creationism is a derogatory term coined preferred most by opponents of it.
Dark Ages 1730 a term coined in the so-called enlightenment to disparage the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and c.1000, when the Christian faith, and its learning and culture, spread across Europe.
dead white males a disparaging term used of significant figures from previous generations by those who wish to undermine cultural literacy
deconstruction 1973 a style of interpretation of texts that looks beyond the plain meaning of the text in order to infer or accuse the writers of social bias
diva 1883 modern use to describe female Hollywood/media personalities
détente 1970s a euphemism referring to pacifist policy re. the Soviet Union
displaced foreign traveler [6] 2010 another politically correct term for illegal alien.
distributive justice a term used to redefine socialist abridgment of rights as "just"
divided government 1975 a pejorative term used by liberals to insist on control of all of government, as when they used the term to urge the election of the Democrat Jimmy Carter to work with the Democratic-controlled Congress
enlightenment 1669 Used to describe the movement in the 18th-century which sought to replace God with atheism.
environmentalism 1922 a mixture of pseudoscience and neo-paganism used to justify the imposition of socialistic controls.
exclusionary rule 1964 an invented rule that requires censoring and withholding from the jury certain incriminating evidence about a criminal defendant, simply based on how the evidence was obtained.
family planning 1939 planning intended to determine the number and spacing of one's children through birth control [7]
freeganism 1995 a euphemism for dumpster diving.
freethinker 1692 the euphemism "free" hides the hostility towards faith, which is not free
fundamentalism 1922 "a movement in 20th century Protestantism emphasizing the literally interpreted Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching"[8] From a series of pamphlets called "The Fundamentals" which outlined the movement. Pejorative usage started when the liberal Harry Emerson Fosdick began using the term in a straw man attack against Conservative Christianity.
feminism 1895 notionally, "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes"; in reality, the attempt to destroy traditional family, societal and religious values by erasing or undermining natural gender differences.
gay rights 1969 the movement for civil rights for homosexuals
glass ceiling 1984 the notion that an invisible barrier prevents women and ethnic minorities from reaching high office; an excuse for feminists and others to demand affirmative action
global warming 1969 the baseless environmentalist mantra that the earth's temperature is rising, and that human intervention is the cause.
goth ? "a style of rock music, noted especially for somber or ethereal tones and lugubrious lyrics", or someone who performs or listens to this style of music.[9] Goths often "dress in black with heavy jewelry".[10] The term is taken from the name of "a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era".[11]
gun control 1969 a euphemism for restricting the right to keep and bear arms
homophobia 1969 used by Liberals to describe a failure to subscribe 100% to the homosexual agenda.
humanism 1808 [12]
human security 1941 A vague socialist concept of "freedom from want" and "freedom from fear' championed by FDR, latter by the UN.
illegal war 1960's A war not authorized by the United Nations. Prior to the UN, America's involvement in WWI and the U.S. declaring war on Germany in WWII can be considered an illegal war by liberals. America was never attacked.
imperialism 1851 a clever term later used by liberals to interfere with Christian missionaries and stopping anti-Christian tyranny
Islamophobia 2010 a term intended to attack and humiliate anyone who does not openly accept Islam, and welcome Muslims into their country, regardless of whether the Muslims are equally accepting of them
isolationism 1922 a pejorative term that is critical of American politicians putting America first in priorities
Keynesianism 1946 advocacy of 'tax and spend' policies as elaborated by the economist John Maynard Keynes; a euphemism for back-door Socialism.
landmark decision 1950 a major court decision, used to promote the idea that values are dictated by liberal elites
Living Constitution 1927 A continually evolving Constitution (first used by presidential candidate Al Gore, title of a 1927 book by Howard McBain) - a concept that originates with Woodrow Wilson in 1908 - "Living political constitutions must be Darwinian in structure and in practice."[13]
main squeeze 1968 one's romantic partner, typically in an unmarried relationship
McCarthyism 1950 originally, investigations by Sen. Joe McCarthy of Communists working in sensitive USA government jobs. Later, it more broadly refers to holding radical leftists accountable for their beliefs and loyalties.
metrosexual 1994 fashion and glamour man
moderate late 1900s the original term dates from the French Revolution, but its meaning today is a euphemism for someone who favors abortion and/or supports censorship of Christianity in some ways.
moving the goalposts late 1980s a sports analogy designed to avoid answering a logical follow-up question; this is a favorite term of evolutionists to avoid addressing obvious deficiencies in their theory
nationalize 1800 a euphemism for the government taking over ownership and control of a large company or entire industry, as in socialism
natural selection 1857 a misleading and euphemistic term for the theory that genetic advantages and conflict dictate survival
Nihilism 1817 a rejection of the values system, independently anarchist from society norms.
population control 1968 the issue of population dates back to Confucius. Liberals promoted the term after the book The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich
pro-choice 1975 a euphemism for insisting on taxpayer-funded abortion; people who claim to be pro-choice typically oppose informed choice, which makes the "choice" meaningless
progressivism 1892 the progressive movement was not entirely liberal; it was started by a Republican and shared some goals with conservatives, and still does
psychoanalysis 1906 contributed to de-spiritualization of human beings
public option 2009 obfuscate rewording of government control
quote mining non-existent a term used by evolutionists to describe taking quotes out of context in order to damage the position of the quoted party.
reproductive health 1994 [14] abortion supporters jargon for rights/justice for pregnant women, no rights/justice for the child.
sea level rise 1980s suggests a global warming apocalypse
sexism 1968 That which is practiced by those who do not give total support to feminism.
shovel-ready [15] 2008 jobs and people ready to work if funded
situation ethics 1955 a euphemism for denying fixed ethical standards
Sputnick moment 2011 using by Barack Obama to mean an excuse for the government to spend on industrial policies
stimulus packages 2009 used by government(s) to be perceived as taking unprecedented measures to stimulate aggregate economic demand; during a crisis on economic growth and private jobs, liberal government entities are known to deceptively take advantage of its subject in the form of "stimulus packages," as an opportunity to pursue policies that further social and environmental agendas.[16]
strict liability 1869 court-imposed liability even when there is no evidence of any fault by the defendant
sustainability 1727 environmentalist buzzword
Swift-Boating 2004 allegations of unfair campaign tactics.
transforming society 2008 Obama, Rahm and Axelrod use this term. It dates to Saul Alinsky and Chicago politics. [17]
transnationalist 2006 popularized by Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh in a 2006 law review article: "The transnationalists view domestic courts as having a critical role to play in domesticating international law into U.S. law ...."[18]
undocumented immigrant 2000 a politically correct replacement for illegal alien.
unfair 1700
union shop 1904
Unitarian 1687
VIP 1933 Very Important Person, a person with special privileges, elitism. Unknown to liberals, everyone is very important to God.
will to power 1907 Nietzsche's concept of the drive of a superman to perfect himself by exercising creative power; it didn't catch on
woman's rights 1833 women equal to men; the defining movement to justify aborting babies in the 20th century


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