Essay: 10 problems for atheists

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Below are 10 major problems facing atheists - especially secular leftists.

Major problems of atheism relating to the natural world

1. Origin of the universe. Why is there something rather than nothing?


2. Uniqueness of the Earth


3. Origin of life

4. Origin of the various types of plants and animals (see: Evolution and Creation science and Intelligent design).

5. Origin of consciousness

The atheist worldview cannot explain the existence of consciousness and the theistic worldview can offer a reasonable explanation (see also: Atheism and irrationality).

Atheism cannot account for the existence of logic

6. Existence of logic (see: Atheism and logic and Atheism and presuppositional apologetics).

Atheism and morality

7. Atheism cannot account for morality


Atheism and history

See also: Atheism and history and Atheism and evidence

8. Atheism and the historical evidence for Christianity

Evidential apologetics is an approach in Christian apologetics which emphasizes the use of evidence to demonstrate that God exists and that Christianity/Bible are supported with compelling evidence. The evidence can be from a variety of disciples such as historical evidence or scientific evidence (see: Evidential apologetics and Atheism and evidence).

The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ (see: Historicity of Jesus and Christian apologetics and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Christian legal apologetics).

See also: Lack of evidence for atheism

9. When you compare the history of atheism vs. history of Christendom, Christianity has had a very beneficial effect on humanity, while atheism has had a negative impact on humanity.


10. Failure of the secularization thesis

Most atheists are evolutionists and secular leftists (see also: Atheism and politics).

Secular leftism/progressivism has the narrative that human society is moving in a positive direction and making progress. According to this narrative, religion will pass away (see: Secularization thesis).

However, since the 1970s, religion and religious conservatism/fundamentalism has seen a surge in prevalence and irreligion/atheism has seen a decline in global market share (see: Desecularization and Global atheism statistics and Growth of evangelical Christianity).

In the 21st century, for a number of reasons, this trend is expected to continue and impact the Western World (see: Growth of global desecularization and Causes of desecularization).

In addition, please see: Atheism vs. Christianity and Atheism and its retention rate in individuals

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