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Previously, I wrote the essay The false promise of liberal hegemony. This essay is a part 2 of that essay.

Tony Blair is no conservative or right-wing zealot. Blair is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Labour Party's longest-serving Prime Minister, he served from May 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007.

Consider these recent quotes of Tony Blair:

For a large part of the Western population, living standards are stagnating.. Western politics is in turmoil – more partisan, ugly, unproductive; and fueled by social media. The biggest geopolitical change of this century will come from China not Russia. We are coming to the end of Western political and economic dominance. The world is going to be at least bi-polar and possibly multi-polar. it is the first time in modern history that the East can be on equal terms with the West.[1]

In 1996, the Israeli military historian and theorist Martin van Creveld predicted the power of the state declining: The Fate of the State by Martin van Creveld

Islam is experiencing significant growth in some major European countries (see: Europe’s Growing Muslim Population, Pew Research, 2017).

Professor Eric Kaufmann says about a graph showing the correlation between the projected growth of the Muslim propulation and the rise of right-wing nationalism in a country:

Figure 1 shows an important relationship between projected Muslim population share in 2030 and support for the populist right across 16 countries in Western Europe. Having worked with IIASA World Population Program researchers who generated cohort-component projections of Europe’s Muslim population for Pew in 2011, I am confident their projections are the most accurate and rigorous available. I put this together with election and polling data for the main West European populist right parties using the highest vote share or polling result I could find. Note the striking 78 percent correlation (R2 of .61) between projected Muslim share in 2030, a measure of both the level and rate of change of the Muslim population, and the best national result each country’s populist right has attained."[2]

A very significant change happening in China

To see the magnitude of the explosive growth of Christianity in China, please look at this graph about the growth of Christianity in China in a DW news story about Chinese Christianity (DW is a mainstream news outlet in Germany).

See also: Growth of Christianity in China and Future of atheism in China

So is there anything of great significance that is going on in China?

In my esssay Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?, I point out significant problems happening in the Chinese economy that could sow the seeds of the atheistic, Chinese Communist Party losing power (see: 2022 economic problems in China). The Collapse of atheism in the former Soviet Union, which had state atheism, like China presently does, shows how fragile state enforced atheism is.

According to Slate, "Protestant Christianity has been the fastest growing religion in China."[3] Evangelical Christianity is especially growing sharply in China.[4] To see the magnitude of the explosive growth of Christianity in China, look at this graph about the growth of Christianity in China in a DW news story about Chinese Christianity (DW is a mainstream news outlet in Germany). See also: Asian atheism

In 2020, The Economist published an article entitled Protestant Christianity is booming in China which indicated:

As for China’s Christians, their numbers continue to grow. The government reckons that about 200m of China’s 1.4bn people are religious. Although most practice traditional Chinese religions such as Taoism, and longer-standing foreign imports such as Buddhism, Protestant Christianity is probably the fastest-growing faith, with at least 38m adherents today (about 3% of the population), up from 22m a decade ago, according to the government’s count. The true number is probably much higher: perhaps as many as 22m more Chinese Protestants worship in unregistered “underground” churches, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Notre Dame. As China also has 10m-12m Catholics, there are more Christians in China today than in France (38m) or Germany (43m). Combined, Christians and the country’s estimated 23m Muslims may now outnumber the membership of the Communist Party (92m). Indeed, an unknown number of party members go to church as well as local committee meetings.[5]

On November 1, 2014, an article in The Economist entitled Cracks in the atheist edifice declared:

Officials are untroubled by the clash between the city’s famously freewheeling capitalism and the Communist Party’s ideology, yet still see religion and its symbols as affronts to the party’s atheism...

Yang Fenggang of Purdue University, in Indiana, says the Christian church in China has grown by an average of 10% a year since 1980. He reckons that on current trends there will be 250m Christians by around 2030, making China’s Christian population the largest in the world. Mr. Yang says this speed of growth is similar to that seen in fourth-century Rome just before the conversion of Constantine, which paved the way for Christianity to become the religion of his empire.[6]

For more information, please see:

John J. Mearsheimer: The False Promise of Liberal Hegemony

Liberal-leaning Wikipedia describes Professor John J. Mearsheimer thusly: "John Joseph Mearsheimer (born December 14, 1947) is an American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. He has been described as the most influential realist of his generation."[7]

In 2017, gave a lecture at Yale University in 2017 which is published at YouTube entitled: John J. Mearsheimer, “The False Promise of Liberal Hegemony”.

Steve Turley on a new conservative age is rising

Steve Turley and others indicate we are living in a new conservative age.

Please see:

Steve Turley's videos on a new conservative age is rising:

The election of Donald Trump can be likened to a supervolcano explosion of right-wing populism in the world.

In 2019, John Feffer wrote at the left leaning The Nation:

"In the Americas, the Trump tsunami has swept across both continents and the 'pink tide' of progressivism has all but disappeared from the southern half of the hemisphere...

In this planet-wide rising tide of right-wing populism, the liberal left commands only a few disconnected islands — Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay... Worse, crafty operators with even more ambitious agendas stand ready to destroy the liberal status quo once and for all."[8]

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