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The prominent historian Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of the History of the Church at Oxford University, indicates that he believes Christianity faces a "bright future" worldwide (See also: Global Christianity).

According to MacCulloch, "Christianity, the world's largest religion, is rapidly expanding – by all indications, its future is very bright."[1]

Below are some of User: Conservative's essays.

Christianity essays

General essays about life

Political essays

Social and cultural issues

Steve Turley has produced many well-supported videos on how a new conservative age is rising.

American politics



The United States



War in Ukraine

Give me liberty, or give me death!

"Give me liberty, or give me death!" - Patrick Henry

Humor pieces I wrote

Humorous essays I wrote about atheism and evolution

If the agnostic Richard Dawkins finally agreed to debate Dr. William Lane Craig and a scientist at Creation Ministries International instead of making pitiful excuses, would Hispanic ladies finally believe Señor Dawkins has machismo?[2] Olé! Olé! Olé!

Hispanic women are infrequent visitors to Señor Dawkins' website.[3][4] It is because he lacks machismo.

"The lack of lady presence is so visible that Conservapedia commented on it by noting that Dawkins’ website overwhelmingly attracts male visitors." - Monica Shores, Ms. Magazine[5]

For more information, please see: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?
Is militant atheism positively correlated with shortness? Is short man's syndrome a causal factor for militant atheism? How tall is the New Atheist leader PZ Myers? He doesn't look too tall here!

Please see: Militant atheism and short man's syndrome

Humorous essays about Conservapedia

Liberals/leftists obsessed with Conservapedia are like a dog with a bone. Their dogged persistence in thinking about Conservapedia, discussing Conservapedia and making forecasts about Conservapedia is quite prodigious and intense.

Political humor essays

Atheism essays

"It will be a century or more before the world completes its demographic transition. There is still too much smoke in the air for us to pick out the peaks and valleys of the emerging social order. This much seems certain: without a new [secular liberal] ideology to inspire social cohesion, fundamentalism cannot be stopped. The religious shall inherit the earth." - Professor Eric Kaufmann[6] See also: Growth of religious fundamentalism

Religious fundamentalism is a runaway train that cannot be stopped! Full steam ahead Bible believers and creationists! See: Acceleration of 21st century desecularization
Edmund Burke was adamantly against atheism and pointed out its negative influence on the political realm.[7]

Conservapedia related essays