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Below are some of User: Conservative's essays.

Atheism essays

Open letters:

To New Zealand atheist:

To a British agnostic:


Political essays

Most of the political essays have the common thread that liberals and secular leftists are foolish and they are losing power in the 21st century. In addition, right-wing ideologies which have no mooring in Christianity, are inferior to ideologies which are strongly influenced by Christianity.

I wish I could report on more positive/profound matters as far as the Western World, But the West is in a period of decline. Should Jesus Christ tarry, the 21st century will probably be an Asian Century due to the rise of evangelical Christianity in the East (See: Growth of Christianity in China and East Asia and global desecularization).

Perhaps after suffering some economic hardship, the West will sober up and there will be a Christian revival (see: Atheism vs. Christian revival and Christian apologetics).

Political essays:

Humor essays about Conservapedia