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Christina, Queen of Sweden (December 8, 1626 to April 19, 1689) wisely declared, "Every man is his own worst enemy". Only Jesus Christ can give a man victory over his worst enemy.

Samson reveals his vow to Delilah (Gustave Dore, 1865)

On the other hand, it has been refreshing to see Donald Trump give comeuppances to smug liberals/leftists who thought they were on the cusp of unending victories when Barack Obama was first elected.

Donald Trump is a bit similar to Samson. He has an unusual hairstyle. His faults are many. He strikes terror in his opposition. He has machismo. His opponents have often been mystified about the source of his power. And just when his enemies think they have finally gained victory over him, he brings down their various temples.

Samson's was involved with three foreign women who were obviously not Jewish. The first foreign woman was a woman from Timnah whom he married (Timnah was a Philistine city in Canaan.). The second foreign woman was a harlot from Gaza, and the third foreign woman was Delilah, with whom Samson fell in love.[1] Donald Trump is not a social conservative and his marital track record and his playboy past attest to this fact.

However, while Donald Trump is not a social conservative, given some of the changes he has made, I am glad he was elected president. He has the most right-wing cabinet in recent history. And he may change the ideological balance of power on the United States Supreme Court by the time he leaves office.

Below are some victories of Donald Trump where the margins of victory were wide.

Donald Trump's glorious victory over Hillary Clinton

Trump being sworn in, January 20, 2017.

Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 United States presidential election was so complete that she was sobbing uncontrollably on election day and could not give a concession speech.

Despite having the mainstream media, academia and Hollywood behind her, she lost the election and Trump's victory in the electoral college was a landslide.

Clinton's wide margin of victory in the liberal states of California and New York failed to give her the victory that she so desperately craved. These two states are currently experiencing population losses due to their failed government policies.

Many Clinton supporters likened Hillary's loss, and Donald Trump's victory, to Edward Munch's The Scream.

Donald Trump's victory over the mainstream media

In October of 2017, the Washington Post declared: "Among Trump supporters, Trump has already won his war on the media. After decades of declining public trust in the media (which helped him win that war), even many of those predisposed to dislike Trump seem to agree with one of his central arguments about the press: It acts unfairly. (Five percent of Democrats and 6 percent of black respondents trust Trump more than their favorite news outlet!)."[2]

Donald Trump's glorious victory over CNN

CNN's logo

President Donald Trump publicly says CNN produces "fake news" and he also told a CNN reporter that CNN produces "very fake news".[3] Subsequently, CNN has been derided as being "FNN: Fake News Network".[4]

In the first half of 2017, CNN's market share relative to its competitors saw a marked decline.[5] In addition, it faced repeated losses of its credibility through its lapses of journalistic judgment and ethical lapses.[6]

Washington Post loses 500,000 subscribers since Donald Trump left office

Donald Trump's victories over the liberal/leftist judiciary

In 2018, Donald Trump will likely appoint his second U.S. Supreme court and the judge is expected to be a conservative.

In June of 2018, Newsweek declared:

In his first year in the Oval Office, Trump set a record for the number of federal judges he was able to appoint with the Senate's approval. In 2017, the number was 12 judges, but by March of 2018, that amount had already increased to about 30. While some of his nominations have been thrown out by Congress for lack of experience, experts told Newsweek that the Senate has been moving these nominees forward rather quickly.

In fact, Trump has even thanked his predecessor for leaving so many court vacancies to be filled. He said in a speech that when he took office there were "over 100 federal judges that weren’t appointed."

"I don’t know why Obama left that," Trump said. "It was like a big, beautiful present to all of us. Why the hell did he leave that?"

Trump's conventional picks will no doubt move the court back toward a conservative center, and left-leaning political organizations worry that key freedoms like abortion rights may be at stake. Democrats and other liberal organizations are pushing for a delay in the appointment of another Supreme Court Justice until after the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats are hoping to flip congressional seats to take back some control in Washington D.C..[7]

Donald Trump's victory over the American, secular left

See also: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness and Donald Trump and American atheists and American liberalism and 21st century political losses

The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services[8]

Most atheists lean to the left politically (see: Atheism and politics and Secular left).

The Religion News Service reported:

For the last decade, atheists, humanists and others secularists have worked hard to organize a “secular vote” that would counter the political clout of the religious right.

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s victory dealt that movement a body blow when he garnered 81 percent of the white evangelical vote and 60 percent of the white Catholic vote. Mormons, too, voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Despite Trump’s not being a particularly religious person, his platform was seen as anti-secular in many atheist and humanist circles. He said he would appoint religiously conservative Supreme Court justices, ban Muslim immigrants, favor Christianity and repeal the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits certain tax-exempt organizations from endorsing political candidates — issues antithetical to organized atheism and humanism.[9]

Trump also appointed the evangelical Christian Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Devos is an advocate of school choice. School choice will allow more children to attend private religious schools via school voucher programs and/or other arrangements.

According to the Pew Forum, in the United States: "About two-thirds of atheists (69%) identify as Democrats (or lean in that direction), and a majority (56%) call themselves political liberals (compared with just one-in-ten who say they are conservatives).[10] A Harris interactive poll found that most American atheists are liberal.[11]

David Kupelian wrote: "Perhaps this is the reason, as I document in my book “The Snapping of the American Mind,” scientific surveys by both Gallup and SurveyMonkey show Democrats are roughly twice as likely as Republicans to be mentally ill.[12]

See also: Atheism and depression and Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

Many leftists/liberals were extremely upset/angry that Donald Trump won the 2106 U.S presidential race and that anger has lingered.[13][14]

At the American Atheists 2018 convention, David Silverman, ex-president of the American Atheists organization, gave a speech entitled, "How the mighty get back up". The speech alluded to the pro-religious rights agenda of the Trump administration. During the speech Silverman said regarding American atheists, "We are suffering a level of defeatism that I have never seen before" (see also: Decline of the atheist movement).[15]

In January of 2017, the atheist and secular leftist PZ Myers said about Donald Trump's presidential victory:

This span of time representing the agonizing death of American idealism, decline of liberalism, and collapse into corruption has played out as the background of my life.

That’s depressing. History is not going to remember me, but I managed to live through a terrible period that will be remembered, unpleasantly. It would be nice to go out on a note of optimism, but that’s probably not going to happen.[16]

The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services[17]

For more information, please see: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is an American comedian and actress.

A few public relations experts have publicly indicated that her 2017 publicity stunt which involved her holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump was a career ending move.[18] All of her remaining 2017 bookings for stand-up comedy appearances cancelled her scheduled appearances.[19]

Griffin identifies herself as a militant atheist.[20]

The Examining Atheism blog wrote about Griffin:

Comedian Kathy Griffin identifies herself as a "complete militant atheist".

She has had a lot of public backlash after she held a mock severed head on Donald Trump.

At a news conference, she said of Trump in a teary-eyed manner: "He broke me".

If she is representative of militant atheists, the ideological foot soldiers of atheism have backbones of jelly![21]

Greta Christina, depression and Donald Trump's presidential victory

See also: Atheism and depression

The atheist activist Greta Christina wrote in January of 2017:

I don’t know how to do this.

A lot of my strategies don’t work anymore. This round of depression isn’t just worse than my previous episodes: it’s different. My symptoms, the things that help, the things that make it worse — they’re different. I’ve spent the last four years learning how to manage depression, and now, at least to some extent, I need to start all over again.

It’s different because the world is genuinely terrible. That’s not the depression talking: that’s a reasonable, evidence-based assessment of reality. You know the joke, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you?” Well, just because you’re depressed doesn’t mean the world’s not terrible. And just because you’re anxious doesn’t mean the world’s not terrifying. I keep thinking about Reviving the Tribe, Eric Rofes’s book about gay men’s lives in the worst years of the AIDS epidemic, and I keep thinking about the question he kept asking: How do you treat PTSD when the trauma is still ongoing?

Yes, the world was terrible and terrifying and traumatic before the election. I don’t want to ignore that. But it’s a whole lot worse now...

And it’s harder to even want to fight my depression. It’s harder to want to peel back the numbing layers of cotton and fog, and really engage with the world.[22]

Christina also wrote:

I do not consent to this.

It’s January 20, 2017. It’s inauguration day. And I do not accept it.

That’s an odd phrase: “I do not accept this.” It can mean denial, refusal to acknowledge reality. Or it can mean resistance. I’ve been doing a bit of both: I’ve been sinking into work and organizing, and I’ve been sinking into escapist distractions. I’ll probably keep doing both. I can’t work all the time, I’ll exhaust myself. And I can’t let myself think too much, or for too long, about the world we’re in now. Especially not when I’m alone. I need my escapes into other worlds: worlds where people mostly treat each other decently, worlds where wrongs are righted.

I think I’ve read too much science fiction. There’s a part of me that keeps looking for the key to the alternate reality.[23]

Donald Trump's glorious victories on golf courses

According to Golf Digest: "My main memory of playing golf with Donald Trump—preserved with more care now that he's the president—is that he really went after the ball hard. But the interesting thing is that though Trump's action might have looked a little reckless, it soon became clear that it was quite under control... Trump was 67 when I played with him in 2013 at his course outside Charlotte and in early 2014 at Doral, but he still possessed a significant remnant of big-man athleticism... As a golfer, the 45th president is the real deal."[1]

VIDEO: Golf Digest: Trump vs. Obama. According to Golf Digest, Trump is the better golfer! Specifically, Golf Digest said that Trump was the "best golfer ever to hold the presidency."[2]

I hope this clarifies the issue of whether Trump has more machismo than Obama. For further information, please see: Obama's workout vs. Vladimir Putin's workout


The title Donald Trump's glorious victories was picked due to me thinking that secular leftists meltdowns over Trump's was rather humorous. Certainly, there have been victories far more glorious in history such as the allied victory over Nazi Germany.

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