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Dr. Jill Rowland is the Republican nomination for New York's 28th seat held by entrenched liberal Louise Slaughter. Rowland's opponent was infamous for crafting a socialist law that would have busted the Constitution wide open, 'Deem & Pass'. Jill is a Christian wife, Pro-life, mother of three and a practicing Dentist. She is a member of the NRA.

Jill Rowland is a conservative candidate that fights against big government, high taxes, runaway debt and reckless spending.

  • Create Jobs/Reduce Taxes
  • Slash Big Government
  • End Wasteful Government Spending
  • Stop Government Takeovers
  • Protect US borders
  • Repeal the Health Law
  • Stop the Fairness Doctrine and Card Check
  • Repeal the "Financial Reform" Law
  • Restore GM to Private Ownership
  • Fight the Ground Zero Mosque Outrage

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