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Levi Woodbury
Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
From: September 20, 1845 – September 4, 1851
Nominator James Polk
Predecessor Joseph Story
Successor Benjamin Curtis
U.S. Senator from New Hampshire
From: March 4, 1841 – September 20, 1845; March 4, 1825 – March 4, 1831
Predecessor Henry Hubbard; John Parrott
Successor Benning Jenness; Isaac Hill
13th United States Secretary of the Treasury
From: July 1, 1834 – March 3, 1841
President Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
Predecessor Roger Taney
Successor Thomas Ewing
9th United States Secretary of the Navy
From: May 23, 1831 – June 30, 1834
President Andrew Jackson
Predecessor John Branch
Successor Mahlon Dickerson
15th Governor of New Hampshire
From: June 5, 1823 – June 3, 1824
Predecessor Samuel Bell
Successor David Morril
Party Jacksonian Democrat
Religion Presbyterian

Levi Woodbury (December 22, 1789 – September 4, 1851) was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States who also served in the other two branches of government: the executive (as Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of the Treasury (in the cabinet)) and the legislative (as a senator from New Hampshire), as well as serving as New Hampshire's governor.[1]

He was a strong advocate of states rights, saying, "I carry with me, as a controlling principle, the proposition that state powers, state rights, and state decisions are to be upheld when the objection to them is not clear."[2]


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