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Limousine liberals are multi-millionaires, often driven around in limousines, who pretend to be compassionate about the poor despite living a life of luxury themselves. Often their own daily routine provides little benefit to the poor, and many of the policies they advocate tend to make it difficult for others to become wealthy like themselves.

A typical policy supported by limousine liberals is to increase tax burdens on the American family. They bemoan that they don't pay enough taxes so they can make the point that everyone should pay more. They shed tears for public school funding but send their kids to private schools. It is the hypocrisy of "do as I say, not as I do."

The term "limousine liberal" was coined in 1969.

Examples of limousine liberals

Barack Obama

After the end of his presidency, Barack Obama spent much of his time vacationing in exclusive and elite locations around the world.[1] He spent much time with left-wing celebrities, such as spending Good Friday 2017 on a $300 million yacht with celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey.[2] In addition, Obama accepted a $400,000 speech backed by Wall Street,[3] something that stunned even many liberals.[4] Despite the criticism over the speech, Obama gave another $400,000 speech shortly afterward.[5] Bernie Sanders described Obama's speaking fees as "unfortunate."[6] In May 2017, Obama traveled to Italy to give a speech on climate change, but used pollution-heavy transportation to get to his destination.[7] On June 6, 2017, Obama gave a $400,000 speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Montreal in which one of the topics he spoke about was "warning against income inequality and the concentration of wealth."[8] After leaving office, Obama bought a house in D.C. for $8.1 million.[9][10] In August and September 2017, Obama made a combined $1.2 million from three Wall Street speeches.[11][12][13][14]

Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, for example, spends much of his time and money trying to take a way the right of the poor to meaningful self-defense, by demanding gun control, while he lives in a fully protected environment unavailable to the poor.

Bernie Sanders

Despite advocating for socialism and socialist policies, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is a millionaire who is in the top 3.8% of earners.[15][16][17]

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