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Thomas Jeffrey "Tom" Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor, starring in such films as Forrest Gump and the gay agenda setting drama Philadelphia. Hanks has a well-documented liberal bias, and has starred in several films by anti-Catholic director Ron Howard, such as Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels and Demons. In January 2009, Hanks publicly stated his displeasure with the Mormons for their support of Prop 8,[1] ironically labeling them "un-American" for voicing their convictions, yet not looking at what that says about himself and his own voiced convictions. A week later, he apologized for his remarks.[2]

On March 6, 2010 Hanks appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe program, tastelessly mocking Fox News, Tea parties and Ann Coulter.[3] He wouldn't even appear on Fox News.[4]


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