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Owning the libs is a political strategy used by various conservatives in the United States that focuses on upsetting political liberals and leftists who often tend to be thin-skinned (See also: Irritating an opponent (military and political tactic)).

Babylon Bee

See also: Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee website is an Evangelical Christian satirical internet news site. It models itself after the secular satire news publication The Onion with devastating humorous memes that mostly make liberals the butt of the joke, not exclusively. Many stories focus on satire involving well-known Christian personalities as well as other conservatives, along with articles satirizing current Christian trends.

In at least one instance an article in the Babylon Bee was reported as legitimate news by the mainstream media; eventually, liberal fact-check website Snopes.com had to confirm the article was satire. [1] Snopes treated the Bee as a non-satirical news source. Snopes being an authorized Facebook fact checker would repeatedly hound Babylon Bee until threatened with a lawsuit. [2][3][4]

Democrats are aware of Babylon Bee content as their popularity has shined a light on their work. It's cool, funny and trending content, devastating to the liberal worldview and they are not happy about it.

The Babylon Bee was banned from Twitter due to humor that got under the skin of Twitter's woke employees/management. After the more free speech oriented Elon Musk purchased Twitter, the Babylon Bee returned to Twitter.[5]

Secular left and liberals intolerant of ridicule directed toward secular leftism and liberalism

See also: Atheism and intolerance and Mocking of atheism and Atheism and humor and Atheism and mockery

Richard Dawkins
The movie The Atheist Delusion features Richard Dawkins being the object of audience laughter due to something unreasonable he said.[6] Dawkins indignantly asked the audience, "Why is that funny?".[7]

Historically, atheists have skewed towards the left side of the political aisle (see: Atheism and politics and Secular left and Atheism and communism).[8][9][10][11][12]

Although the secular left is known for ridiculing religion since at least the time of French Revolution, the secular left is known for its humorlessness when it comes to others mocking its ideology (see also: Atheism and humor and Atheism and intolerance). See also: Mocking of atheism

The writer James Thurber declared:

The leftists have made a concerted attack on humor as an antisocial, antiracial, antilabor, antiproletarian stereotype,” Thurber wrote in 1960, “and they have left no stereotype unused in their attacks, from ‘no time for comedy’ to the grim warnings that humor is a sickness, a sign of inferiority complex, a shield and not a weapon.[13]

Heywood Gould wrote in Heatstreet:

The left is trying to remake the world and feels immune to ridicule. It condemns humor as a bourgeois plot to make the oppressed laugh at and accept their exploitation.

Bernie Sanders admits he has a “bad sense of humor.” He won’t need it once his Revolution comes,

According to Marxist theorist Tom McLaughlin: “Under Socialism there will be no classes and consequently no class conflict. Humor will cease to reflect any objective reality and will wither away.”...

When Jerry Seinfeld revealed that fellow comedians had warned him away from colleges because they “were too PC,” he was savaged by the left media. Columnist Amanda Marcotte accused him of making excuses for being “a second rate hack.”[14]

Soviet Union and the Department of Jokes

The Soviet Union practiced state atheism and the atheism was of a militant atheism variety. See also: Soviet atheism and Atheism and communism

Listverse declares in its article 10 Bizarre Ways The Soviet Union Controlled Its People

For comedians in the Soviet Union, every attempt at humor had to be read from a government-approved list of comedic material. Each year, comedians were required to submit every joke they’d written to a section of The Ministry of Culture called The Department of Jokes, and they couldn’t crack a single one until it had been approved.

Jokes against the state, of course, were forbidden, as was everything even remotely edgy. Even jokes against the United States had to be tame. When the list came back, comedians were usually left with just a handful of tame jokes about their mother-in-laws.

For the next year, they could only tell jokes from their approved list. Improvisation was strictly forbidden. The only way a comedian could keep an act fresh was to steal gags from the competition. Plagiarism was fine, as long as the material you stole was approved.[15]

NPC internet meme

Popular graphic used in the NPC internet meme.

The NPC internet meme (derived from non-player character in video gaming), is a politically right-wing internet meme that represents liberals/leftists who do not think for themselves, lack critical thinking skills and have been politically indoctrinated.

According to website The Verge:

Last week, The New York Times published a piece about an insular 4chan meme that had started to bleed over into political Twitter. At the time, NPC — an acronym for the gaming term “non-playable character” — had been weaponized.. in an attempt to “own the libs” by calling them automatons, but it was still a relatively niche meme very few outlets had touched.

Along with a couple of stories before it, the Times’ article kicked off a domino effect: its publication prompted popular members of the alt-right — including Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars — to amplify the meme to their audiences through YouTube videos, articles, and tweets. Search results for “NPC” increased, according to Google Trends...

Suddenly, a meme... [was] telegraphed to a massive audience in a jarringly forced display of virality that highlights just how quickly an inside joke from an insular community can spread with the oxygen of press coverage. [16]

The rise of the NPC internet meme

Google Trends graph of the number of worldwide searches for the term NPC

There has been a huge rise in the use of the NPC meme on the internet as can be seen by this Google Trends graph of worldwide searches for the term "NPC".

The main factors are:

1. Elon Musk taking over Twitter which gave a boost to the political right.

2. Supporters of right-wing politics are getting more active in culture war issues such as anti-woke backlash.

3. The growing hunger for free speech and anti-cancel culture sentiments.

4. The rise of a few other right-wing friendly social media platforms (Rumble, Gab, etc.).

5. Right-wingers are aggressively building their own ecosystem.

6. A right-wing populist programme normally encompasses factors such as economic protectionism/problems and anti-imigration/anti-illegal immigration sentiments and these factors are rising in some countries.

7. European right-wing political figures (Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán, Andrej Duda, etc.) are using the European Union corruption scandal as a political weapon and inciting anti-EU sentiment ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections which is giving a bounce to right-wingers.

(The popularity of video gaming is somewhat down from its coronavirus pandemic high so that cannot explain why the NPC meme is currently rising in popularity in the above Google trends graph)

Related quote

"Throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps the loudest is usually the one that got hit." - Louis L'Amour

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