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Patrick Murray is the Republican candidate for Virginia's 8th District seat held by career politician Jim Moran. Murray is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 24-years of active service. Patrick spent over a decade in numerous postings abroad, including tours in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and Russia. In 2007 during the “surge,” Patrick deployed to Baghdad with the Joint Forces Command where he served as part of the Multi National Forces Iraq. Murray is a common sense fiscal conservative that advocates a balanced budget amendment, cut government spending, cut corporate taxes, enact entitlement reforms and eliminate pork barrel earmarks. Patrick Murray graduated from Oklahoma State University and can speak fluent Russian.

His opponent, liberal Jim Moran mocks Murray's military record saying twenty-four years in the military doesn't count as public service.[1] Also, Moran claimed to have the support of the Military Officers Association of America. MOAA requested Moran stop distributing flyers implying their endorsement.


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