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Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (born October 26, 1973 in Kent, Connecticut) is an animator, screenwriter, producer, director and voice actor for the cartoon series Family Guy. He has worked for The Walt Disney Company and television series like American Dad!, The Cleveland Show (these two created by himself, like Family Guy), Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken and The Life of Larry.

MacFarlane has donated over $73,000 to Democratic Party[1] candidates and frequently mocks conservatives. Previously, like Matt Groening, he was more unbiased and mocked both liberals/leftists and conservatives (he even invited the late Rush Limbaugh to voice himself in an episode in which also Nancy Pelosi was mocked and depicted as a constantly drunk drug-addicted, proving that conservatives have sense of humor and especially of self-irony), but later on, like Matt Groening, he preferred to mock conservatives and simple non-leftists with clearly biased sentiment and in a politically propagandized way and just rarely mocked SJWs and woke mentality and pseudo-culture (to be noted that conservative and non-leftist/liberal fans once admired and even loved him the most). He is a huge proponent of same-sex marriage and is also an atheist with close ties to Bill Maher (who has appeared in several episodes). He also depicted the Soros-funded terrorist and racial-marxist supremacist group and organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the oppressive and dictatorial liberal-globalist and fascist-marxist Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in a positive and heroic light. It is also to be noted that MacFarlane also incorporated several of his own characteristics, including most notably his atheism, his support for same-sex marriage, and his extreme vicious hatred of George W. Bush, into at least one of the characters of his series, Brian Griffin (largely because he was the one character he didn't need to radically alter his own real-life voice when doing his own voice acting), which was met with a lot of controversy later on, especially because he was the wisest character and the voice of reason in the protagonist family and not yet an atheist in the first seasons, though still an alcoholic.

MacFarlane absolutely despises George W. Bush with a burning passion (though for the wrong reasons and never called him a RINO like most conservative and non-leftist/liberal voters do) and continued to insult him as late as 2016, when he chose Donald J. Trump as the next target, thus helping the regime's anti-Trump and anti-America First propaganda. MacFarlane never criticized Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for their racist anti-black statements and policies before the 2000s nor Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's anti-gay and anti-gay marriage statements even during TV interviews before the 2008 election, not to mention the relation and friendship of all of the aforementioned families with former KKK leader Robert Byrd, which all of them passionately homaged at his funeral, and Seth never remotely depicted them that way in any of his shows.

MacFarlane is also infamous for constantly depicting and slandering Walt Disney as an anti-Semite and a bigot (even having the Family Guy's talking dog character Brian, a liberal, stating like a it was a fact that Walt Disney was OPENLY an anti-Semite), despite the countless amounts of evidence that prove otherwise.

MacFarlane and his writers seem also to be schizophrenic, since one time they seem to despise and mock woke and politically correct ideology,[2][3][4][5] then the next time they seem to support it,[6][7][8] (including racial segregation of voice-actors[9]) and this is quite bizarre if not hypocritical to say the least considering the kind of humor shows like Family Guy and American Dad distinguished themselves from the start.




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