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A time zone is one of the 24 regions or divisions of the globe approximately coinciding with meridians at successive hours from the observatory at Greenwich, England.

Time zones

GMT Zone Military Civilian Time Zones Countries/Cities
GMT-12 Y Yankee IDLW: International Date Line West
GMT-11 X X-ray NT: Nome Midway Island
GMT-10 W Whiskey AHST: Alaska-Hawaii Standard, CAT: Central Alaska, HST: Hawaii Standard Hawaii
GMT-9:30 V*
GMT-9 V Victor YST: Yukon Standard Alaska
GMT-8:30 U*
GMT-8 U Uniform PST: Pacific Standard California, Tijuana
GMT-7 T Tango MST: Mountain Standard Arizona
GMT-6 S Sierra CST: Central Standard Mexico City, Saskatchewan, Central America
GMT-5 R Romeo EST: Eastern Standard Colombia, Peru, New York, Indiana
GMT-4 Q Quebec AST: Atlantic Standard Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile
GMT-3:30 P* Newfoundland
GMT-3 P Papa Brazil, Argentina, Guyana, Greenland, Uruguay
GMT-2 O Oscar AT: Azores
GMT-1 N November WAT: West Africa Azores, Cape Verde Islands
GMT Z Zulu GMT: Greenwich Mean, UT: Universal, UTC: Universal Co-ordinated, WET: Western European United Kingdom, Portugal, Iceland, Morocco
GMT+1 A Alpha CET: Central European France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway
GMT+2 B Bravo EET: Eastern European Greece, Finland, Turkey, Israel, Zimbabwe
GMT+3 C Charlie BT: Baghdad Iraq, Kuwait, Kenya, Saudi Arabia
GMT+3:30 C* Iran
GMT+4 D Delta Moscow, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Georgia (country), Volgograd
GMT+4:30 D* Afghanistan
GMT+5 E Echo Pakistan, Yekaterinburg
GMT+5:30 E* India
GMT+6 F Foxtrot Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Novossibirsk
GMT+6:30 F* Cocos Islands, Burma
GMT+7 G Golf Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Krasnoiarsk
GMT+8 H Hotel CCT: China Coast Beijing, Hong Kong, Irkoutsk, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, Western Australia
GMT+9 I India JST: Japan Standard Japan, Korea, Yakoutsk
GMT+9:30 I* Australia Central Standard Northern Territory, South Australia
GMT+10 K Kilo GST: Guam Standard; Australia Eastern Standard New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Vladivostok, Guam, Papua New Guinea
GMT+10:30 K* Lord Howe Island
GMT+11 L Lima Magadan, Salomon Islands, New Caledonia
GMT+11:30 L* Norfolk Island
GMT+12 M Mike IDLE: International Date Line East, NZST: New Zealand Standard New Zealand, Fiji, Marshall Islands
GMT+13:00 M* Kiribati, Nuku'alofa
GMT+14:00 Line Islands, Samoa