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Art Robinson PhD was the Republican congressional candidate in Oregon's 4th District currently held by liberal Peter DeFazio. Art is a scientist and educator at the University of California San Diego, President and Research Professor at Linus Pauling Institute. He founded The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine which is a small research institute where he researches nutrition, preventive medicine, and protein chemistry. Recent scientific research includes fundamental biochemistry and biochemical studies of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Professor Robinson has a Bachelors of Science from the California Institute of Technology ("Caltech", known to be the finest college for science on the West Coast) and a PhD from University of California at San Diego. He also sells a homeschooling curriculum called The Robinson Curriculum, which provides high quality instructional materials in many subjects to high school-level students.

Art Robinson had an historic appearance on the liberal MSNBC show hosted by Rachel Maddow, whose college degree was merely in public policy. Attempting to embarrass Robinson, Maddow insisted that there is a second-and-a-half delay in MSNBC's antiquated satellite interviews. Scientist Art Robinson explained that light travels faster than that, and the delay wouldn't justify her rude interruptions anyway. [1] The interview went on at length without Maddow able to score points.

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One newspaper observed:[1]

No one in living memory has fought a congressional campaign as hard and as effectively as Robinson has.

Art Robinson drafted the The Oregon Petition, which is a petition of 31,000 scientists who express doubt over Global warming.

He is also a signer of A Scientific Dissent of Darwinism, which is a petition authored by the Discovery Institute that asserts natural selection cannot be responsible for the complexity of life.


  • Oregon Farm Bureau
  • Oregon Constitution Party
  • Oregon Libertarian Party
  • Oregon Right to Life
  • Independence Caucus
  • Congressman Ron Paul
  • Astronaut Scott Carpenter
  • Republican National Coalition for Life
  • Oregon Cattlemen's Association
  • Astronaut Harrison Schmitt
  • Oregon Firearms Federation
  • Oregonians for Food and Shelter
  • Veterans for Robinson

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