Atheistic denial

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See also: liberal denial

Atheistic denial is the tendency of atheists to deny obvious truths, such as:

  1. the existence of love beyond chemical reactions in the brain
  2. the far greater achievements of Christian scientists compared to atheistic scientists
  3. how atheism is the ideology of public schools
  4. how materialism fails to explain basic phenomena, such as butterfly migration and homing by birds[1]
  5. a proven medical condition whereby a person sees demonic distortions in the faces of others, as admitted by CNN: "‘It’s like staring at demons’: Meet a man who lives with a disturbing condition."[2]


  1. There is an implausible, exceedingly far-fetched theory that tiny monarch butterflies are guided in their 2,000-mile migration by "the horizontal position of the Sun and the ... keeping the time of day." See Great monarch butterfly migration mystery solved.