Carol Miller Swain

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Carol Miller Swain

Born March 7, 1954
Bedford, Virginia
Political Party Democrat (until 2000s)
Independent (2000s – 2009)
Republican (2009 – present)
Spouse (divorced)
Religion Southern Baptist[1]

Carol Miller Swain, Ph.D., born March 7, 1954 (age 70), is a former Professor of Political Science and of Law at Vanderbilt University. She is an author, a speaker and T.V. personality. She is a devout Christian and a movement conservative.

Early life

Born in Bedford, Virginia, where she went to High School, and first studied Marketing B2B at Virginia Western Community College.

Academic career

Swain went on to study Criminal Justice/Law at Roanoke College then proceeded to study Political science at Virginia Tech and at UNC. Swain obtained her Ph.D, in Law at Yale University. She was appointed associate professor at Princeton University. She was for many years Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University.[2]

Currently self-employed, Swain is a member of the James Madison Society at James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Claudine Gay

As the three top universities heads were grilled pn Dec 5, 2023 (at the days of op. Swords of Iron) by GOP'S Elise Stefanik on the question: "Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your policy," Liz Nagill of UPenn led the terrible answer: "depending on the context," which the other two (MIT's, Harvard's), just copied her reply. More noticeable pathetic was the fake Claudine Gay's reply.

Outrage urupted. "All three were denounced for lawyerly responses to questions about whether they would discipline students who called for the genocide of Jews."[3]

Days later Magill resigned.

Harvard’s Claudine Gay used 'free speech' as a defense after a history of squelching it. In fact:

When it comes to free speech, Harvard is abysmal.

It finished dead last in the 2024 College Free Speech Rankings from our organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

FIRE’s results come from survey data of more than 55,000 students at 248 schools, assessing openness, tolerance, self-expression, administrative support for free speech and campus speech policies.

Harvard's final score? Zero. [4]

As reports surfaced that Harvard President Claudine Gay plagiarized one of Dr. Swain's books in Gay's 1997 Ph.D. thesis.[5]

Dr. Swain argued that the Ivy League won't condemn her because she's a 'high pedigree minority.'[6]

Dr. Swain addressed the dual scandals facing Harvard and other Ivy League schools — a double standard for anti-Semitism and academic plagiarism. [7]

Meanwhile, Harvard doxxing truck hounded Claudine Gay: 'The best friend Hamas ever had.'[8]


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