Essay: Richard Dawkins' lack of appeal to the Asian women audience

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Conservapedia is not aware of the Asian actress and dancer Michelle Yeoh endorsing the book The God Delusion.

Michelle Yeoh does her own stunts in action movies so it is therefore highly likely that she has little to no interest in hearing the message of Richard Dawkins given his lack of machismo.

As noted earlier, Mr. Dawkins avoids at all cost debating strong debaters from the opposition

The web traffic tracking company Quantcast indicated that Richard Dawkins' lady viewership of his website is below average and his Asian-American viewership is below average as well. Given that a majority of the atheists in the world are East Asians (See: Asian atheism) and given that there is a very sizable population of women in the world, this is very embarrassing to Richard Dawkins.

The reasons behind this most unfortunate situation will be explained shortly and most satisfactorily.

But imagine how inadequate and embarrassed Mr. Dawkins must feel. The whole world can see that ladies, especially Asian-American ladies, have a below average interest in what Richard Dawkins has to say!

Unfortunately for Mr. Dawkins, his fan base appears to have a significant number of quarrelsome, socially challenged males. In fact, in February of 2010, the news organization The Telegraph reported Richard Dawkins was embroiled "in a bitter online battle over plans to rid his popular internet forum for atheists of foul language, insults and 'frivolous gossip'."[1] Given that Mr. Dawkins is a quarrelsome, socially inadequate man, the dispute must have been quite combative and bitter. Perhaps, even more disharmonious than Richard Dawkins' three previous marriages (please see: Women's views of Richard Dawkins).

Also, Quantcast indicated that Richard Dawkins Hispanic lady viewership for his website was also below average. This is obviously due to his lack of machismo. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of machismo, one of the definitions of machismo is an "exhilarating sense of power or strength".[2] Because Mr. Dawkins lacks machismo, he avoids at all cost debating strong debaters from the opposition.

Furthermore, the scientific evidence clearly shows that religious men have more machismo than irreligious men (see: Atheism and sexuality).[3]

If Richard Dawkins finally agreed to debate Dr. William Lane Craig and a scientist at Creation Ministries International instead of making pitiful excuses, would more Asian ladies finally believe Richard Dawkins had more yang than yin? The web traffic tracking company Quantcast indicates that Richard Dawkins' Asian lady viewership is below average and Conservapedians are not surprised.
Conservapedia is not aware of the Asian-American Lucy Liu endorsing the book The God Delusion. A brief bio of the actress Lucy Liu declared: "Lucy Liu personifies the harmonious balance between Chinese cultural heritage and the American freedom experienced by Asian women living in the United States."

Given that Ms. Liu values harmony, the abrasiveness of Richard Dawkins may be quite repulsive to her and thus she appears to be a poor candidate for being a Richard Dawkins aficionado. Conservapedia believes she may be one of the countless woman who has never visited
Conservapedia is not aware of the Asian-American Connie Chung endorsing the book The God Delusion.

Atheist philosopher Michael Ruse declared that Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion made him "embarrassed to be an atheist".[4]

Perhaps, Connie Chung read Michael Ruse's disparagement of The God Delusion and then refused to endorse the book despite Mr. Dawkins' incessant pleading.
Conservapedia is not aware of the Asian-American Michelle Malkin endorsing the book The God Delusion. Given that Malkin is an investigative reporter she is probably quite aware that there is no proof and evidence that atheism is true and there is plenty of evidence that Christianity is true.

Ms. Magazine on Richard Dawkins' website visitors being largely males. Conservapedia is cited

"The lack of lady presence is so visible that Conservapedia commented on it by noting that Dawkins’ website overwhelmingly attracts male visitors." - Ms. Magazine, November 1, 2010, Will “New Atheism” Make Room For Women? by Monica Shores.[5]

Question: Was the seed of atheist, womanly discontent with Richard Dawkins initially sparked due to Conservapedia?

Ladies have below average interest in Richard Dawkins! How did this happen?

See also: Essay: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?

Right now, Hispanic ladies are quite troublesome to Mr. Dawkins. Hispanic women constantly kick sand in Richard Dawkins' face when he goes to the beach because they are quite upset with Mr. Dawkins. The Hispanic ladies see the tough talking and outspoken Dawkins before the friendly liberal press, but Mr. Dawkins avoids at all cost debating strong debaters from the opposition.

In addition, many Hispanic ladies talked to their Asian girlfriends and now the Asian ladies are unfavorable to Richard Dawkins too. So Richard Dawkins recently had Hispanic and Asian ladies kicking sand in his face at the beach.

It was very sad that this spectacle happened, but Richard Dawkins brought it upon himself. And if this were not bad enough, the Hispanic ladies and Asian ladies talked to their Caucasian and African American girlfriends and now the entire female viewership for is below average and the whole world can see this! So unfortunately for Richard Dawkins, he is a weak atheist showman who cannot enjoy a day at the beach.

A note to kind and thoughtful ladies who want to see Richard Dawkins have machismo

The most unfortunate events above are no doubt most disheartening to kind and thoughtful ladies. No doubt you are wondering can Richard Dawkins gain machismo? Most definitely! The answer to this Richard Dawkins lack of machismo can be found HERE.

Conservapedia encourages you to phone, write and email Richard Dawkins concerning the solution to his most sad situation of being machismo challenged. And if you are in his neighborhood, knock on his door with a copy of this article and exclaim "Praise God! I have the solution to your machismo problem, Mr. Dawkins." And then hand him a copy of this article! If Mr. Dawkins solves his lack of machismo problem, he will thank you for years to come!

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