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"Every man has built a roof over his head to shield himself at the point of tension… The Christian lovingly, must remove the shelter and allow the truth of the external world and of what man is to beat upon him.” - Francis Schaeffer. [1]

Francis August Schaeffer (January 30, 1912 – May 15, 1984[2]) was a theologian, author and lecturer who spoke boldly in defense of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy and as God's absolute truth.[3] In addition, his books give a Christian worldview of philosophy, culture, the church, and society as a whole. He made an impact in his time intellectually - one that still has lingering effects on people today.[3]

According to Michael Hamilton of Christianity Today, "Perhaps no intellectual save C. S. Lewis affected the thinking of evangelicals more profoundly [than Francis Schaeffer]; perhaps no leader of the period save Billy Graham left a deeper stamp on the movement as a whole."[3]

Schaeffer's "taking the roof off" method of apologetics

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