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Jews have for a long time been primarily identified with the Democratic party. In recent times there has been a trend among Jewish voters to support the Republican party in larger numbers than they had in the past.

Jewish Republicans are sometimes associated with The Republican Jewish Coalition, which was founded in 1985, and is the sole voice of Jewish Republicans to Republican decision makers and the Jewish community. The recent growth of Jewish Republicans can be seen in how in 1992 only 11% of Jews voted Republican, in 1996 16% of Jews voted Republican, in 2000 19% of Jews voted Republican, and how in 2004 the percent of Jews who voted Republican was 25%, more than twice as much as it had been in 1992.[1]

Since 2008, a very large increase in the number of Jewish Republican voters is becoming apparent. In 2008, only 22% of Jews voted for John McCain in the 2008 Pesidential Election, but this number increased, and plateaued around 30% in 2012 through 2020.[2] 2012 had a nearly 300% increase in Jewish Republican voters compared to the election held 20 years earlier.

Reasons for shifting to Republican ideology

  1. The Republican Party has demonstrated that it not only has become the “pro-Israel party,” but it is committed to building and expanding its support in the Jewish community.
  2. Demographic trends are favorable to the Republicans – younger Jewish voters are more inclined to vote Republican. In fact, preliminary results indicate that 32% of Jews ages 18–49 supported George W. Bush. In addition, the foundation of the traditional Democratic Jewish base, senior citizens, is shrinking in numbers.
  3. The Jewish community, according to several analyses, is becoming more religious. The Orthodox community, which represents a solid base of support for Republicans among Jews, is becoming larger within the Jewish community.[3]

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