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Political cards are tactics used by liberals in politics, the media, and other adversarial settings in order to appeal to emotion or even prejudice rather than reason. The term is a metaphor for what happens in the card game of bridge, where one card can be played to "trump" (defeat) all other cards. Political cards are thus a form of thought-terminating cliché.

In contrast with most card games, however, a political card can be played at any time, no matter how irrational or irrelevant to the topic. Many liberal articles and commentaries consist of little more than playing one or more political cards.

A card is "played" when one side relies on a particular issue in order to gain an often-unjustified upper hand in the debate or controversy.

Liberals have had a difficult time playing a political card against the Tea Party Movement, due to its amorphous nature.

Political card Meaning Example Advantage Disadvantage
Sexist card Allegations men are "ignorant slobs" and women need a protected status as a voting bloc within the Democrat Party Lawrence Summers was driven from his presidency of Harvard for merely mentioning the possibility that women may not have as much aptitude for math as men Safe haven for angry liberals and feminists Implies women are helpless unless they receive special treatment from the government
Race card Bringing race into a debate by suggesting that criticism is racially motivated or that one's opponent is "racist" Used to silence criticism of Barack Obama from 2008 onwards Prove you're not a "racist" is like saying, "when did you stop beating your wife?" The boy who cried wolf
Mediscare card Scare grandpa and grandma into thinking their government benefits will be cut off ("throw grandma from the cliff") Used in a recent special congressional election for a Democrat in a Republican-leaning district in New York in 2011. Fear sells Democrats raided Medicare to fund Obamacare for younger voters.[2]
Third rail card Proposals to reform Social Security result in political suicide. Under Barack Obama, Social Security for the first time in its history, has a negative cash flow and has been paying out more in benefits than the cash it demands from younger workers.[1] Slander your opponent for proposing solutions Political and economic stagnation
Hate speech card Anything that highlights or is critical of the historical record of liberal governance. The Obama regime had used the FCC to harass and intimidate what it considers its media critics.[2] Programmed response for liberal failures Mimics liberal talking points
Xenophobia card Bringing country of origin into a debate by suggesting that criticism is motivated by a fear of foreigners (e.g. Australians) Polite and responsible criticism of Barack Obama is deemed "xenophobic"[3] At first seems to be an effective way to pose the opponent as "racist" Ultimately fails when both debaters are of the same country or when the person making the original claim is from the country of the claim
Anti-homosexual card Calling opponents of the homosexual agenda "intolerant" instead of focusing on the immorality of homosexuality Used against Rick Santorum leading up to his defeat for reelection in 2006 Assumes the posture of "civil rights" advocacy. African-Americans oppose the promotion of homosexual "rights" in greater numbers than the general population of the United States as a whole[4]
Intolerant card Demonstrating inconsistencies in liberal ideology The most despicable forms of liberal intolerance traditionally have been reserved for, and manifested in, the vile abuses heaped upon Black conservatives, Black Republicans, and Black Tea Party activists. In a democracy, the voice of opposition can always be labeled intolerant Boomerang
Kennedy card Used to support socialized medicine Cite Ted Kennedy's "dream", the "the cause of my life", "Senator Kennedy eloquently captured how our long-term care system is failing the American people when he said, too often, they have to give up the American Dream" [5] Emotional appeal for passing legislation Only 26% of the population can relate to liberalism, the Kennedy card has zero effect on legislation
"Responsible" Republican card Used to imply a few Republicans, mostly RINOs, are "responsible" "During the health care battle, President Obama was unable to find a single Responsible Republican." [6] Who killed Responsible Republicans? Bill Kristol, of course[7] In 1990 President George H.W. Bush was hailed as a Responsible Republican for breaking his "read my lips" pledge.
Extreme card In typical liberal media newspeak, anything right of center or not liberal Bill and Hillary Clinton persistently referred to the Republican Contract with America as extreme; President Clinton ultimately signed 7 of 10 Contract items in to law Prior to the 9/11 attacks, was used interchangeably with "terrorist" by mainstream media sources Polls show "mainstream" journalists are not mainstream at all, rather more liberal than the mainstream American public[8]
Greedy card Portraying capitalistic ideas or actions as greedy Attacking oil companies for their profits, even though oil companies create jobs and pay into the federal Treasury, and profits make up a reasonable portion of total revenue Most people care about money and fairness There is no alternative to capitalism
Millionaires and billionaires card Class warfare Barack Obama said on June 29, 2011, "I'm proposing we get rid of tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires." [9] Appeals to voters motivated by envy Politicians that use it are dependent on campaign contributions from millionaires and billionaires
Conspiracy theory card The one making the charge cannot explain facts Hillary Clinton charged that her husband's behavior was the result of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" Provides plausible reasons for the simple minded Contradictory evidence leads to more conspiracy theories
"Homophobia" card Accusing the opponent of having an "irrational fear or hatred" of homosexuals Opposition to the radical redefinition of marriage as expressed in California's Proposition 8 was deemed "homophobia".[10] Old stand-by in the arsenal of liberal slander attacks Attempts to ostracize and criminalize an emotional disorder. "Homophobia", in fact, does not exist except as a smear term used frequently by liberals and other supporters of the homosexual agenda
Islamophobia card Accusing the opponent of having an "irrational fear or hatred" of adherents of Islam Don't question behavior because an individual happens to follow Islam Scare people from speaking out or investigating Look foolish making excuses for an ideology publicly committed to the downfall of the West
Trickle down card Anti-free market agitprop Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman claims GOP zombies will eat Obama's brain for extending the Bush tax cuts[11] Apparently there is a ready market for hyperbole and fear among leftists Ignores the fact the Reagan reforms gave birth to the longest, most extended era of peacetime prosperity in U.S. history[12]
"Global warming denier" card Opposition to using junk science to promote political activism. "Global warming" activists have likened "climate change" to Nazi atrocities[13] Equates moderates with "ignorant fascists" Belittles and denigrates victims of the Nazi holocaust, essentially descending into anti-Semitism in doing so[14]
"Anti-environment" card A claim that tries to portray the opponent badly by placing them as someone who "hates the environment" "The GOP wants babies to be fed poison from the environment" [15]
Watch the Video
The simple-minded will swallow any line of garbage. Purview of extremists
Over-sensitive card Failure to behave in a realistic manner and being afraid to upset people Plays on others' fear of seeming weak.
Uneducated card Because a person is stupid, they are unqualified to be President Reading from a prop, Dan Quayle once misspelled "potato", and liberals destroyed him by playing this card A momentary lapse is seized upon to make a person look like an idiot Works well until a liberal candidate utters a statement like "the United States is made up of 57 states"
Fundamentalist card Seeks to link Islamic fundamentalism with Christian fundamentalism. Richard Dawkins screed, The God Delusion Puts Billy Graham and Osama bin Laden in the same boat A majority of Americans are neither atheist nor secular humanists
Dominionist card Implies evangelical Christians want to impose an Iranian style theocracy on the United States Used by liberal misogynists to attack Michelle Bachmann [3] Appeals to the fears of atheists and anti-religious bigots Based on social pseudoscience, propaganda, and journalistic hacks
Free speech card cry "free speech," "free speech" for everything offensive to Christianity, while censoring the truth and limiting political speech The Supreme Court ruled exotic dancing protected free expression but disallowed a high school football team's pregame prayer under the same grounds Legally it is technically correct Just because something is "free speech" does not mean it is not wrong
Creationist card Paints supporters of Creationism as "superstitious and naive" Sarah Palin openly supported Creationism Creationism is an emotive issue for many people on either side of the debate, so this can be a clever way to side-track sensible argument Gallup Poll says 54% of Americans believe the earth is 10,000 years old
Birther card Claims those asking unanswered questions are conspiracy kooks Truthers vs. Birthers: Not All Conspiracy Theories Are Created Equal [16] Hides the question of natural born citizen Exposes the original meaning of natural born citizen
Abortion card A defense of feminism Senator Ted Kennedy implied that Justice Bork would turn back Roe V. Wade and claimed women would be forced to get back-alley abortions as a result Fear Republican laws and personal responsibility You can't run from your conscience and consequence of actions can lead to a lifetime of suffering
Liberal mocking card Mocking a conservative opponent rather than dealing with substantive issues The Rachel Maddow Show, The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Last Week Tonight, etc. Often pleases supporters Makes the mocker look petty, bigoted and mean-spirited
Snark card Using snarky (sometimes even offensive) humor to attack the opponent Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, etc. Often a cue for other liberals to "join in" the laughter Nobody else is laughing (or they are laughing at the snarker)
Jesus card Claiming "What would Jesus do" to try to paint the opponent as "not a true Christian" (a common liberal tactic when cornered on a religious issue, such as homosexuality) As noted above, liberals often use this to defend homosexuality [17] by claiming that Jesus never specifically mentioned it Certain Bible passages can easily be quote mined A true Christian can easily find the flaws in such an argument by pointing our how it is taken out of context
"Gun nut" card Slurs anyone who wants to take away defensive weapons The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was blamed on Sarah Palin; opponents of Constitutional Rights immediately clamored for bigger and more government oppression.[18] Appeals to pro-gun-control people's negative stereotypes of gun enthusiasts Angers those with guns and Second Amendment supporters
Liberal redefinition card Changing the definition of a word to suit one's purposes "Promote the General Welfare" became "living on the dole" An insidious way to reframe debate that can be effective if one's opponents are not vigilant or use imprecise thinking Moral relativism
Misuse of statistics card Liberals often use certain "trends" to support their claims Citing the Clinton surplus vs. the Bush deficit At first makes the user look like they have done their research Often taken out of context (for example the Clinton surplus was largely due to a Republican congress and the end of the Cold War, while the Bush deficit was caused greatly by two wars and need for Homeland Security)
Cherry picking data card Selectively picking out cases that support one's arguments from a wide variety of material and ignoring all the cases that don't Obama White House claims the stimulus "created or saved" 2.4 million jobs[19] Many people struggle with statistics, so poorly-informed observers may assume the user is correct Dishonest and easy to point out counterexamples
Never-admit-a-mistake card [20] Inability to admit a mistake; lack of openmindness Obama said his stimulus would hold unemployment below 8%; instead it rose to over 10% and straddled the U.S. with the debt ceiling crisis[21] The quick fix Incrementalism leads to compromise
Denying Biblical scientific foreknowledge card
Anti-American card Denying American exceptionalism. Trots out false examples of how European countries have better standard of living Swedish Healthcare System Transforms America into a European-style welfare state Population experts say by 2045 Swedes will be a minority in an Islamic-majority country, by which time a single-payer system still couldn't re-attach your head if the new Shariah law rulers decide to keep the system
Deceit card Lies or distorts truth in order to win argument Obama's critics are smeared as "racists" Can impress ill-informed or credulous observers You're only fooling yourself if you believe any of it
Poe's card Impersonation of Conservatives to discredit their positions. Liberals often create straw men during this impersonation Adds to negative stereotypes of real conservatives, especially where people have not met many genuine conservatives
Elite card Claiming that a policy benefits the rich and powerful The old "tax cuts for the rich" mantra[22] Appeals to people's "Robin Hood" impulse to support underdogs and mistrust the wealthy The rich pay all the taxes
Compassion card Arguing someone must be right because he has more compassion Liberal uncharitableness and Liberal politicians and uncharitableness has been well documented Attempts to paint opponents' pragmatism as cold-heartedness The calling card of limousine liberals
Hypocrite card Claiming some inconsistency in positions The idea that a pro-lifer must oppose death penalty Some people actually buy it Often the people making the Hypocrite claim exhibit hypocrisy themselves (see Liberal hypocrisy)
Guilt by association card Insinuating that someone is bad because he was once in the same room with some extremist "Shaking hands with Saddam Hussein"[23] Slander at will Look who's calling the kettle back
Google bomb card Sabotaging Google searches Rick Santorum Many people still have trouble with new media and struggle to draw correct conclusions from search results None that are currently known
Working families card Class warfare See Democratic Talking Points, 2008 Presidential Nominating Convention, from the New York Times [4] Postures Democrats as advocates for people who hold jobs and have children Politicians who employ such rhetoric invariably work to pass legislation that destroys jobs and undermines families
Nativist card The idea people born in a given country are "xenophobic exclusionary bigots" Opposition to the Ground Zero mosque Divides the people against themselves Hard to prove in a melting pot
Godwin card Invoking the name of Hitler Liberal George Soros hypocritically likened the Bush administration to the Nazi regime (even though Soros has himself admitted to having collaborated with the Nazis in his youth and has never apologized for doing so) Appeals to emotion and extremists, and less educated leftists Typical totalitarian tactic
Patriot card Seeks to paint loyal Americans as "racist" "Patriotism is little more than a disguised form of racism"[24] Some "Patriot movement" groups call for tighter immigration control Democrats can be sensitive to the charge of being unpatriotic
Immigration card Implies Democrats are sympathetic to a person's immigration status, despite the fact there is no historical record of legislative achievements in this area and Democrats associate being opposed to illegal immigration as being "anti-immigration" as a whole, which is bigoted and completely insulting to people that come to this country legally The Obama Dream Act, a "cynical exercise in political charades", failed to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate, 55-41 Seeks to pit voters against each other along racial and ethnic lines, which Democrats view as a "win" Most immigrants come to America seeking conservative values, such as a right to work, religious freedom, or being free of big government oppression. Millions have fled intolerant Islamic and atheist regimes
Nixon's Southern Strategy card Implies Richard Nixon appealed to racist Democrats after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 "Probably the biggest lie that's been told to the blacks since Woodrow Wilson segregated the federal government" [25] Labels Southerners as "racist" Ignores the fact that (1) Richard Nixon did not carry the South; a Democrat, George Wallace received 49 electoral votes exclusively from the South; and (2) passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was entirely dependent on Republican votes with Democrats in both houses voting against passage[26]
Neo-Confederate card Implies Civil War buffs want to bring back segregation and slavery On the 150th anniversary of start of the Civil War, MSNBC's liberal hosts never missed an opportunity to associate today's conservative movement with the Confederacy, secession, slavery and racism,[27] even though the latter two were imposed and enforced by Democrats for decades and racism is, in fact, a liberal trait Intimidating to conservative Bluedog Democrats May backfire and evoke bipartisanship
Redneck card Implication rural inhabitants are uneducated and possibly "racist" Used to smear most conservatives Pejorative aimed at Bluedog Democrats, Red State dwellers, and others in flyover country When motivated, this group forms an important part of a center-right majority
Bitter and cling to guns or religion card Why don't common people vote Democrat? Used by Obama and Howard Dean Attempts to justify Democrats' failure to coffeehouse liberals, and persuade hick voters by belittling them Insulting to average voters
NASCAR card Insinuates NASCAR fans are "uneducated" and "racist" NASCAR fans tend to vote Republican,[28] more so than fans of most others sports Republicans failed to balance the budget by cutting $7.4 million from the Pentagon's sponsorship of NASCAR for Army recruiting[29] NASCAR has an estimated 75 million fans
Insensitive card Failure to behave in a politically correct manner. A former Miss California was stripped of her crown for correctly stating that marriage is between a man and a woman[30] Ostracizing others among the unenlightened masses leads to feelings of superiority Not everyone keeps up to date on the latest liberal tripe
McCarthyism card Accuse someone of being like the (false) liberal portrayal of Joseph McCarthy "Racist!" as an Epithet of Repression [31] Baseless smear, such as calling someone a racist. Extremely flexible, and with great glee you can ruin someone's life just for fun Requires no morals or conscience
Victim card Pretending to be a "victim" of the right wingers Liberals looking for alleged conservative bias everywhere Rallies base Makes them look weak, petty and paranoid
Fundamentalism card Make religious and social conservatives appear to be irrational "Bible-thumpers" who follow the Holy Bible nonsensically Liberal Hollywood degrading conservative preachers in movies such as Jesus Camp and Religulous Alienates leaders of religious movements from the average person Creates straw men out of real conservatives, which ultimately backfires as stereotypes are dispelled


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