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JournoList is a now-defunct private email listserv of hundreds of left wing journalists, educators, and pundits that was created in 2007 by the Washington Post's Ezra Klein.[1] It has been alleged that there were attempts by some members of the listserv to suppress stories unfavorable to liberals and attack conservatives by labeling them "racist". Among the stories circulating from the JournoList is the attempt to shield Barack Obama from his relationship with his much-criticized pastor of twenty-years, Jeremiah Wright.

There was allegedly a coordinated attack on Sarah Palin and her family.[2] Also, there were postings to the listerv talking gleefully about how one of the listserv members would love to see the death of Rush Limbaugh.[3][4]

Conservative journalist Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller broke the story. Many Americans have known for years that liberal journalists are biased. It appears to some that journalists put liberalism before journalistic integrity, further weakening any credibility they may have had with the American people. As Wes Vernon of RenewAmerica says, "What's different about this is we are seeing here not just bar talk, but deliberate organized plotting to skew the news." [5]

Liberals on JournoList Would Watch Limbaugh Die, Press DNC, Obama to Refuse to Recognize Fox News...And Worse.[6]

The [JournoList] is troubling. At one level it could be thought of as just colleagues throwing ideas out to one another, but from another standpoint it almost looks like collusion … where virtual talking points are shared and solidified in a group.[7]

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Death Wish

They're leftists disguised as lawyers, judges, scholars, professors, teachers, reporters, anchors, senators, representatives, legislative aide, congressional staff, federal bureaucrats, and on and on. There is no media. We know that now. - Rush Limbaugh

It's not just that they hate how I became who I am. They literally hate who I am. They literally hate me. They hate me, these journalists, these so-called journalists hate me because I am the most prominent, effective, unrelenting voice of conservatism, and they haven't been able to stop me. No matter what they've thrown at me, they haven't been able to stop me. These people and their tactics are not new. We've seen it before in other countries, in other times. They want to destroy contrary and opposition voices and views. They will climb over the law and the people to achieve their aims. - Rush Limbaugh

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