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Conservative Dictionary Project (P)

Conservative word
Date: 1729
True conservative meaning - love for one's country
False liberal redefinition - a militaristic and jingoistic belief in the superiority of one's own nation
True conservative meaning - A human created by God at the time of conception.
False liberal redefinition
True conservative meaning - A condition that God's Word says will always be with us. Matt. 26:11.
False liberal redefinition - A condition that need not exist, because we don't have to obey God's will.
Conservative word
Date: 1940
True conservative meaning - to give an industry over from the state to private control
False liberal redefinition - handing over an industry from government, which is accountable to the people, to unaccountable private tyrannies known as corporations
Any idea, fact, rumor, or lie, or a wider body of same, which one circulates, publishes, or otherwise spreads by deliberate conscious effort in order to advance or hinder any given cause.