2022 America First Senator and Representatives Running for Re-Election

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This list contains Representatives and Senators who put the interests of America First and are not new candidates. For new candidates please check out the article: 2022 America First Candidates against RINOs and Democrats

For all intents and purposes, unless a representative/senator has said they are not running in this cycle, then they will be listed here.

Also note that Mo Brooks, Jody Hice, and Ted Budd are running for higher positions which is why they are mentioned in the article mentioned above.

Backs the America First Agenda means that these Conservatives may not be the firebrand leaders, but America First Conservatives can count on them




  • Tom McClintock
  • Mike Garcia - He may not portray himself as an America First Representative, but this due to the fact that his district is a blue-leaning district. When it comes time to vote in the House, Garcia votes America First.












  • Matt Rosendale - One of the strongest fighters in the House for the America First Agenda, just note that Montana will be split into two districts, so another America First Candidate will be needed for the district not held by Rosendale.[2]

New Mexico

North Carolina



South Carolina



West Virginia


  • Ron Johnson - He may or may not retire.[3] However Trump has endorsed him to run for another term. While he is not perfect when it comes to economics, he has gotten more populist as of late.[4] What should be most noted is that he is willing to take so many hits for defending Trump supporters.[5] The America First Conservatives should not throw him out.
  • Tom Tiffany

Mixed Bag

While these may not be America First fighters like those listed above. It should be discouraged from removing any of these as there are so many other fish to fry.


  • Chuck Grassley
  • Mike Lee - He is awful on domestic issues but great on foreign policy. Trying to remove him would be blowing a lot of money and he will still likely win.


  • Jeff Van Drew - Awful on immigration,[6] good on other issues. He is the best you can get for that district.
  • Devin Nunes - Also Awful on immigration,[7] but he helped tear down the Russia Collusion Hoax, and is still helpful despite his flaws
  • Burgess Owens - May have backed Amnesty early on,[8] he did however reverse this when he had to vote in the house.

Moderate Representatives

This group is for swing district Republicans that must not be removed.

  • Young Kim - in a Democrat Leaning District
  • Michelle Steel - in a Democrat Leaning District
  • Ann Wagner - in a Republican-leaning district, but this district (unlike most of Missouri) is having leftward trends, which means it is better to keep Wagner.

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