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CitizenLink is a resource that equips citizens to make their voices heard on critical social policy issues involving the sanctity of human life, the preservation of religious liberties and the well-being of the family as the building block of society. They are an affiliate of Focus on the Family located in Colorado. As a family advocacy organization, they inspire men and women to live out biblical citizenship that transforms culture. Per their website,

Our passion for what we do is driven by our core convictions:

We believe that all people are of infinite value, regardless of age, development, appearance or ability.

We believe that marriage is the foundation of family life, and that God’s design for marriage is the union of one man and one woman, a relationship in which both husband and wife are committed to loving and caring for one another for a lifetime.

We believe children are a gift from God, and thrive best in a home where both mother and father are committed to raising them with love, intention, and care.

We believe sex is given by God as an expression of love to be shared and enjoyed exclusively between a husband and wife.

We believe that Christians have a responsibility to promote truth and social policy that improves the strength and health of the family, and to preserve the proper roles for government, church and family, as God designed them.

And we believe that parents should aspire to model for their children how to humbly follow the teachings and spirit of Jesus at home and in the community.

Ultimately, we believe that the purpose of life is to know and glorify God through an authentic relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Because of this, we stand for righteousness and truth, mindful that our words and actions serve as a witness to an increasingly broken society.

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