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A dystopian future is one where the social problems of today become greater in magnitude, producing a future that is filled with crime, war, and similar evils.

A dystopian society may also be imagined as a society where a ruling elite controls the vast majority of wealth and political power while simultaneously disseminating propaganda to the masses to control the lower and middle classes. This ruling elite may be seen as propagating misinformation in order to socially control the citizens. This propaganda is usually revealed in such a manner that the elite are the caretakers and providers of the lower middle class.

In many fictional depictions of dystopian societies, the propaganda—which would be disseminated by an overwhelmingly powerful government (Big Brother) or a totalitarian cabal—would psychologically force the lower classes to believe that they are living in a utopia that represents the culmination and perfection of civilization, where in actuality, crime and bureaucratic corruption are widespread. Typically, a dystopian novel is intended to comment on what the author perceives to be then current social trends by extrapolating those trends. Sometimes, as with Animal Farm, the dystopia is presented in the form of an allegory to get past the censors and liberal media. In some stories, however, the dystopia is generally depicted rather openly as a dystopia, often with the ruling members making absolutely no secret of how they intended to butcher their own subjects simply for their own amusement and actively seek to make the bad events even worse, with motivations including nihilism and truly enjoying the carnage, with some even advocating for absolute lawlessness and anarchy even when in charge. Examples of this interpretation of dystopia include Final Fantasy VI with the main villain Kefka Palazzo, in particular during the game's second act, as well as the graphic novel Transmetropolitan, where the main villain, The Smiler, proceeded upon becoming President to create damaging policies for America to have bits of it crumbling off, with his freely admitting during the election that he intended to destroy America upon getting elected.

Dystopia in fiction

In the 20th and late 19th century, many well-known dystopian novels were written. This theme has continued into the 21st century as well. Among these are:

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