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Never-Trumpers 2024

See also: Opposition to Donald Trump and Never Trump movement

Never-Trumpers 2024 are mostly globalists while pretending to be right-of-center, who reportedly oppose the nomination of Donald Trump for president in 2024. As of March 2023 their favorite anti-Trump possibility is Ron DeSantis, but that could change quickly as he mishandles interviews and his phoniness is exposed. The globalists do not admit to their globalism, but admit to free trade and omit the top issues of conservatism when they state their agenda, and journalists apply the term "worldview" to them:

“They’re going to prioritize the candidate who values free markets, free speech, and free trade,” said Ken Spain, a partner at Narrative Strategies who led corporate communications at Koch Industries. “The Koch network has typically supported candidates that reflect their worldview. Trump was the antithesis of that.”[1]

This list of self-centered groups and individuals, few of whom have had any political influence of any significance, reportedly includes the following:[2]

  1. Rep. Mike Gallagher, all-in for the NATO war in Ukraine[9]

There was $16.7 billion spent on the 2022 midterm election campaigns, but the Koch network reportedly spent only $80 million nationwide, which is less than one-half of one percent of the total.

Speakers at anti-Trump Club for Growth 2023

The following spoke at the Never-Trump, globalist Club for Growth convention at the posh The Breakers hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida, the first week of March 2023, rather than at the pro-Trump CPAC:

Club for Growth donated $2M to DeSantis the last cycle. Our column can criticize how they (and other dark money groups like them) are not really that significant as that was merely 2% of DeSantis's fundraising, and nothing compared with the $16B raised and spent overall nationwide in the last elections.

Principles First Summit

Held in early March 2023 as a "counterweight" to Trump's triumphant appearance at CPAC, the Principles First Summit was a pathetic gathering of Republican opponents to Donald Trump:[10]

It’s been roughly six years since the dawn of the Never Trump movement. And, over that time period, it has not had much success — at least when it comes to reforming the party to which its members once belonged.