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Homo-fascism is the phenomenon when homosexual activists strive for advancing themselves beyond favored status to supremacy. In line with instructions in After the Ball (the LGBTI equivalent to Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto), the homosexual movement avoids using such terms as "favored status" or "supremacy", but rather outwardly pretend their goal is "tolerance" or "acceptance". Supremacy is then the stage in which the homosexual movement and its allies take effective control of most or all of the centers of power of a government or other organization. When they have achieved this level of control they use and abuse their power to suppress and/or punish those who openly disapprove of the homosexual lifestyle or its agenda.[1][2][3]

Etymology of the term[1]
One of the first to use the term homo-fascism is Pastor Ralph Ovadal of Wisconsin, who defines it as follows:

Fascism is a political system whereby all opposition to and dissent from the government is disallowed and crushed. Fascism is a philosophy which tolerates no deviation from an established norm, that being the dictates of a powerful elite. Fascism is opposed to the eternal, unchanging, objective law of God and is based on the subjective desires and goals of those who have the power to crush their opposition. In many Western nations, a form of fascism has taken root and presents a clear, present, and growing danger to Christian liberty and the Church of Jesus Christ. This force for evil may justly be referred to as “homo-fascism” due to the fact that those espousing and driving it have as their goal to demonize, marginalize, and silence any criticism of or opposition to homosexual acts and the sodomite agenda. Already Christians in many countries are being arrested for preaching what the Bible teaches concerning homosexual acts. The machinery of tyranny is being put into place.”

Homosexuals can be compared to their chief adversaries, the radical nationalists. Both groups hate each other, and would like to do away with the other. Neither side is embraced by the majority, but both deserve the right to freedom of their beliefs and to freedom of speech within reasonable limits. The rest of us must be willing to tolerate these difficult neighbors to preserve civility for society as a whole.

Corporate Homo-Fascism

The first step in a homosexual takeover of corporation completed - Example
IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. ”

An anti-discrimination policy based upon so called "sexual orientation" (used as the politically correct term for both sexual preference and sexual disorientation) is always the first step in a homosexual takeover of any organization because it locks in pro-homosexual assumptions. Following the adoption of this policy, the organization must accept as fact that homosexuality is "immutable", "equivalent" to heterosexuality, and deserving of "special protection" without regard to moral or public health considerations. Criticism of these positions, or even failure to affirm them, can be considered violation of the policy. Where such a policy is enacted, adoption of the rest of the homosexual political agenda is virtually guaranteed. The conclusions are assured by the premises.

Going after strategic positions in the company

CEOs can wield more power than state and voters
“In many regards, workplace is the leading edge of change for the GLBT community. Company CEOs and executives can often wield more power than state and local officials in creating significant changes that affect their employees' lives. They can enact new policies with the approval of a few board members rather than thousands or even millions of voters.”
— National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Organizing Manual[5]
“The deepest and most enduring forms of cultural change nearly always occur from the ‘top down.’ In other words, the work of world-making and world-changing are, by and large, the work of elites.”
— sociologist James Davison Hunter[6]

According to Benito Mussolini, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”[7] In case of homo-fascism, the takeover of a corporation begins with the placement of an activist (usually in-the-closet) homosexual in a hiring position. Other undisclosed homosexuals are then hired to fill strategic positions in the company. When the ability to control the process is assured, some of the activists "come out of the closet"[8] and form a "Gay and Lesbian Employees Association" or similarly named group.[9] That group then introduces an amendment to the company anti-discrimination policy to include "sexual orientation".

LGBTI Bundling

Exploitation of community organizations often involves a public relations ploy that can be called "bundling". Bundling is the homosexual activists’ tactic of wrapping themselves in the cloak of "civil rights" by sponsoring coalitions of minorities and including themselves as a member minority. Their purpose is to advance the idea that "sexual orientation" is a genuine basis for minority status by bundling it together with race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Importantly, the homosexuals almost always place racial minorities as the figureheads of these coalitions to create the impression that their primary interest is the advancement of the legitimate minorities. This is not a difficult proposition, since there are some homosexuals who are also racial minorities. The optimum scenario for the homosexual movement is a coalition headed by an in-the-closet homosexual of a minority race who can pretend neutrality when promoting a homosexual goal.[note 1]

Attacking the pro-family leaders
"Over the last thirty years I've been verbally and physically attacked at least twenty-seven times because of my stand on the homosexual agenda. ... These are the examples of the homo-fascist tactics that homosexual activists have learned from Adolf Hitler: when you have no valid arguments, and when you can't persuade by reason alone, then take over and intimidate by violence."

Most important to homosexual strategy in all of these tactics is to hold the key positions and then to directly or indirectly use the power of those positions to change the society, by marketing the homosexual message to the public[12] while also attacking and marginalizing the pro-family leaders and organizations, for example, by introducing so called Anti-award 'The homophobe of the Year'.[13]

Consolidation of homosexual power through psychological coercion tactics

Sign against your conscience or you will be fired
«Albert Buonanno was an employee for AT&T Broadband. When he was told that he would have to sign an employee handbook that demanded that he "value" a person's "sexual orientation," he respectfully declined, citing his religious beliefs. He told his supervisors: "As a Christian, I am supposed to love my neighbor, regardless of what their sexual orientation is, but I'm not supposed to value the lifestyle of any person that contradicts the Word of God." He was fired almost immediately.»
— Steve Jordahl, Family News in Focus[5]

Every takeover is followed by consolidation of homosexual power within the organization, starting with some form of "sensitivity training". Sensitivity training employs proven psychological coercion tactics (i.e. "brainwashing") to indoctrinate members of the organization in pro-homosexual thinking. By the very nature of the manipulative tactics used, few dare to openly dissent. Those who do are duly noted by the control group and if they are considered a real threat, they are marginalized and may in time be forced out.[14][15][16] Sensitivity training is usually mandatory for all members of the organization.

Diverting Company Resources into homosexual political agenda

Once the control group has consolidated power, the organization is plundered for its available resources.[note 2] These include tangible resources such as money and property, but also intangibles such as advertising and vendor contracts and even community goodwill. Charitable giving, too, is exploited, as gifts and grants are diverted away from previously-favored beneficiaries like the Boy Scouts or St. Patrick's Day Parades[17] to homosexual-controlled organizations[18] spreading LGBTI demagoguery.[19] While some resources benefit the internal control group (i.e. domestic partnership benefits and employee perks), most are focused strategically outside of the organization to further the homosexual political agenda in the community.[1][20][21]

All the processes described above are made possible simply by the acceptance of ''sexual orientation' as a theory of human sexuality.[1]

The New Fascism of the future

According to study made by Robert O. Paxton, the new fascism of future does not need necessarily resemble the classical one. Some new movement that would get rid of free institutions for the purpose of applying the techniques of mass mobilization in order to unite all in favor of some 'discriminated minority', would also have a new name and it would use new symbols. That would not make it any less dangerous. For example, while a new fascism would necessarily diabolize some enemy, both internal and external, the enemy would not necessarily be Jews. The new forms of updated fascism should be understood by comparing their ways of functioning, i.e. by looking at how they work, and not by superficial attention to external symbols.[22] In case of homo-fascism, as 'discriminated minority' is portrayed the so-called 'LGBT+ community' and 'public enemies' are alleged 'homophobes'[note 3] and people who left the sodomitical lifestyle.[note 4]

According to Italian writer and former communist Ignazio Silone, the new fascism will not say: "I am fascism", but it will instead say: "I am anti-fascism".[23] As maintained by C.S. Lewis in his book The Abolition of Man, there is a process going on apace among Communists and Democrats, no less than has been among Fascists, which, if not checked, will abolish Man. At first, the methods may differ in brutality, but in the long run many, incl. mild-eyed scientists, amateur philosophers, and popular dramatists, have the same goal as the Nazi rulers of Germany. Traditional values are to be "debunked" and mankind to be cut into some fresh shape at the arbitrary will of some few lucky people in one lucky generation who have learned how to do it. C.S. Lewis also identified the beginning of this process in phenomena like the language being affected by belief that humans can invent "ideologies" at pleasure, and the consequent treatment of mankind as mere specimens and preparations.[24]

Common traits of fascism and other authoritarian ideologies

Christian Church in the way of totalitarianism
«The LGBT movement despises biblical Christianity, following the teaching of Karl Marx and Engels, who were passionately opposed to monogamy. Over two millennia the Christian faith has been a bastion against totalitarian regimes, and the Church today needs to recognise that the media and government campaigns for the populace to embrace a new morality are just carrying out the mission of radical atheists. It is nothing to do with the clarion cry of 'being born like it' – science and reason refute this claim anyway! Their aim is the abolition of the Christian church as a critical and creative force for good in this country, as one more stage on the journey towards fascist and communist totalitarianism.»
— Anthony Busk[25]

The common trait of leftist liberalism, which is promoting the homosexual agenda,[26] with fascism and Communism, is not only their endeavor for stronger authoritarian state, which is supposed to make citizens "happy", but also their moral relativism and moral voluntarism: What is right is not given objectively, but a human determines it by one's own will.[note 5] In fascism it is to be determined by Duce, in Nazism by Führer, in Communism by Politburo and in leftist liberalism by person himself/herself.[note 6] None of these totalitarian ideologies recognizes the natural right to life[note 7]; the difference between fascists and leftist liberals consists in question who will gratuitously sent whom to death.[27]

Homo-fascists know that preserving the people's option to destroy unborn life is essential to maintaining so called "sexual freedom" as a social "norm". If women lost their choice to legally kill their unborn offspring, the resulting inevitable shift of emphasis from self-gratification to family responsibility in such a large section of the population would change the entire culture. When a woman gives in to fear and selfishness to kill the child in her womb, she will not feel that she can criticize other sinners. The choice to kill their unborn children morally compromises both men and women (making them unwilling to criticize choices to engage in other forms of immoral behavior), and ensures that the outcome of an unwanted child will not be a lasting deterrent to those who have chosen sexual "freedom" over family. This explains why homosexuals, who by definition cannot conceive children together, are among the most militant advocates of abortion on demand.

The homosexual movement has many allies in its campaign to promote sexual immorality, but it is the only social movement in the history of the world whose primary purpose is to eliminate social restraints on sexual conduct.[note 8] It is heavily funded, highly organized and strategically positioned to maximize its ability to change societies and cultures[1] by means of LGBTI gleichschaltung.


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