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("Key provisions of Voting Rights Act appear in jeopardy after high court argument," the lamestream media admit)
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'''As the [[Supreme Court]] takes up two cases involving [[homosexual]] "[[marriage]]", a national activist shines a light on [[Elena Kagan]], a Supreme Court Justice who should not even be there.''' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/02/27/constitution/elena-kagan-the-fox-in-the-chicken-coop/]
"'''Key provisions of [[Voting Rights Act]] appear in jeopardy after high court argument'''," the [[lamestream media]] admit. [http://nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/27/17118509-key-provisions-of-voting-rights-act-appear-in-jeopardy-after-high-court-argument?lite&ocid=msnhp&pos=1] [[Massachusetts]] has lower percentages of black turnout than the South does, yet [[liberal]] politicians pretend that federal control of southern elections is still needed.
'''As the [[Supreme Court]] takes up two cases involving [[homosexual]] "[[marriage]]"''', a national activist shines a light on [[Elena Kagan]], a Supreme Court Justice who should not even be there. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/02/27/constitution/elena-kagan-the-fox-in-the-chicken-coop/]
'''The [[Super PAC]] of [[limousine liberal]] [[Michael Bloomberg]] pours in $2.2 million to elect a [[gun control]] candidate in a heavily [[Democrat]] congressional election in [[Chicago]]'''. [http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/clout/chi-2nd-congressional-district-jackson-20130226,0,4718425.story]  ''Too bad for Bloomberg that most [[American]]s are not fooled by that''.
'''The [[Super PAC]] of [[limousine liberal]] [[Michael Bloomberg]] pours in $2.2 million to elect a [[gun control]] candidate in a heavily [[Democrat]] congressional election in [[Chicago]]'''. [http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/clout/chi-2nd-congressional-district-jackson-20130226,0,4718425.story]  ''Too bad for Bloomberg that most [[American]]s are not fooled by that''.

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

"Key provisions of Voting Rights Act appear in jeopardy after high court argument," the lamestream media admit. [1] Massachusetts has lower percentages of black turnout than the South does, yet liberal politicians pretend that federal control of southern elections is still needed.

As the Supreme Court takes up two cases involving homosexual "marriage", a national activist shines a light on Elena Kagan, a Supreme Court Justice who should not even be there. [2]

The Super PAC of limousine liberal Michael Bloomberg pours in $2.2 million to elect a gun control candidate in a heavily Democrat congressional election in Chicago. [3] Too bad for Bloomberg that most Americans are not fooled by that.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie prepares to switch sides – by first going along with Obamacare Medicaid expansion. [4] [5]

Dems focus on Texas to try to make it a swing state with their "Battleground Texas" initiative. [6] How will conservatives respond?

Facebook continues to be the cesspool of the internet: "Lawmakers ask Facebook to remove pages 'exploiting Newtown victims.'" [7]

The Ten Commandments survive another legal challenge, which evaporates when a plaintiff hits the road—literally. Hint: a nomadic plaintiff lacks standing. But a nomadic Ten Commandments will bring The Message out to even more people. [8]

Card. Francis Arinze.jpg

The Pope accelerates the conclave for picking his successor, whom liberals fear will be the conservative African Cardinal Francis Arinze. Cardinal Arinze's outspoken, principled positions make Conservapedia appear liberal!

Economic reality vs. evolution loving, bloated NIH bureaucracy. The teavangelical budget axemen cometh! [9]

Evolutionary biologists, no jobs for you! [10] See: Worst college majors

The lamestream media insist that it was Fidel Castro who appeared sitting in the Cuban parliament, for only the second time since 2006 when the very sick, elderly Fidel had a major operation and vanished. [11] The lookalike didn't say anything publicly (avoiding a voice comparison), and his height was concealed too (the real Fidel was quite tall).

A poignant tribute written by a young woman who fled communism in a boat, and was saved by Brothers to the Rescue before the Good Samaritans were murdered by commies working for Castro.

"'The House of David,' fact or fiction: Now Revealed" by Bishop Bert [12]

Another noted activist offers a strategy to reach that most vital demographic: the young. This, he says, is the way to end tyranny. [13]

Did you know that some public schools are in session only 4 days a week? These states allow it: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming ... and Washington passed legislation to allow it there too. [14]

Is God directing volunteers to the Question Evolution! Campaign?[15]

A Tea Party activist sets the record straight about sequestration, or "automatic government spending cuts" that don't amount to a hill of beans. And whose idea it really was: Barack Hussein Obama. [16]

College students compete with high school students for low-paying jobs: "48 percent of college graduates who find work end up with 'mal-employment,' where they work low-paying jobs that do not require a college degree so they can pay back their student loans." [17] Enrolling in the Worst College Majors doesn't help.

Darwinism and atheism spawn dreadful hairstyles in North Korea! Biblical creationism has all the lovely ladies.[18]

Ladies have made a substantial contribution to advancing biblical creation belief on the internet.[19]

More "duh science" from liberals: Joe Biden announces that the government will study the impact of violent video games on youth behavior. [20] Wow, who would have thought that video games might be harming kids???

Conservative Ted Cruz observes that the "longest lasting legacy" of President Obama will be to assist in creating new Republican leaders. [21]

Human Events went the way of the RINO Backers, publishing commentary that bashed pro-life Todd Akin, and now it "may close" if a buyer cannot be found. [22] Perhaps running away from the abortion issue is not the future after all?

Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods loses again, but the lamestream media still give him the headlines. [23] "We both played well" was Woods' self-promoting comment to the press after being defeated by an average opponent.

Randy Hellstrom, a pastor in the Salvation Army, says, "Tim Tebow, we are very disappointed in your decision to cave to liberal pressure and spurn Christians." [24]

Homosexuality friendly Bible translation is an abomination.[25] What is the difference between Tim Tebow and Creation Ministries International? Creation Ministries International never backs down!

Liberal censorship strikes again: the influence of the homosexual agenda forces Tim Tebow to cancel a speaking event at a church.

Is Google attempting to patent liberal bias? "Well-known sites, such as CNN, tend to be preferred to less popular sites, such as Unknown Town News, which users may avoid," a patent application by Google states. [26] Will other liberals need to pay a royalty to Google to be biased??

Newt Gingrich calls Karl Rove out for what he is: a machine politician. [27]

Clergymen say Nana Oye Lithur lacks morals to be a Ghana Minister. [28][29]

Why are so many homosexuality apologists and homosexuals so overweight? See: Homosexuality and obesity and Lesbianism and obesity

Unhitched: A book criticizing the late British-American atheist Christopher Hitchens has been published. Also, see the video Christopher Hitchens a Wasted Life.[30]

Liberal claptrap continues to collapse: "New York Times looks to sell Boston Globe." [31]

Gun control is about confiscation, not reasonable safety measures. They know their measures won't work, but do them anyway. And in unguarded moments, they show why. [32]

Those who doubt the existence of God often deny other truths too: "Lance Armstrong declines to meet deadline imposed by USADA to come clean under oath." [33] His admissions/denials on Oprah Winfrey's show were not under oath.

"Retail gasoline prices have climbed for 33 days in a row," and "experts" are clueless why. [34]

Texas teen scores victory in an abortion battle. Court rules the 16 year-old cannot be forced to kill her unborn child. [35]

It is the Democratic Party that has a "war on women". Colorado State Assemblyman Joe Salazar thinks women should go to "safe zones" or use whistles when they "think" they are about to be raped, and not have a concealed hand gun. [36] See also: [37]

"A Plea for Men (but it doesn't come about by a plea!)", by Bishop Bert [38]

Does evolution turn people into Christians? Does creation cause people to lose the faith?[39]

Theistic evolutionists haven't provided a good explanation of why a loving God would use a cruel method to create.

An answer to old earth creationists, alias progressive creationists or theistic evolutionists, from a young earth perspective. [40]

"W.H. press corps: 'Extreme frustration' over 'having absolutely no access' to Obama." [41] That's because golf courses do not allow teleprompters to tear up the grass, and Obama can't speak coherently without one.

An open letter to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, urging him to veto a slew of gun control bills the legislature is now considering. [42]

The lamestream media avoid mentioning Super Bowl champion Matt Birk because this Great Conservative Sports Star is an outspoken critic of same-sex marriage. [43] He's started in every NFL game for his team since 2006.

Another perspective of the New Jersey firearms bill hearings that ended badly for liberty. [44]

Sequestration will force $85 billion in long-overdue spending cuts, as Dems offer nothing but liberal denial in reaction to them.

The Nature of peer review: Known creationists blacklisted at major journals.[45]

There will be a new Pope. Will Darwinism have less and less influence within Roman Catholicism? [46]

Setback for liberal indoctrination by public schools: a school board in Canada considers reducing to only a four-day week. [47]

The Mainstream Media are acting like Officer Barbrady: "Nothing to see here! Move on!" When in fact there's a lot to see, and people need to watch out. [48]

With communists and the liberal media insisting that Hugo Chavez is alive and recovering, despite disappearing for two months after checking in very sick to a Cuban hospital, why isn't Barack Obama wishing Chavez a speedy recovery?? Amid its promotion of Chavez, the New York Times admits that some question whether Chavez is still alive. [49]


What is the third wave of Christian backlash coming against the new militant atheists. Will it come at the worst possible time for atheism?[50]

Will truth and Christian joy prevail over bitter, militant atheists?


Is an atheist wiki cowardly backing down to creationists? The atheist website has yet to accept a debate offer to debate the 15 questions for evolutionists. [51]

The debate gauntlet has once again been thrown down. Will the editors of this wiki be man enough to accept this debate challenge?

More liberal claptrap by Nancy Pelosi as she opposes an automatic congressional pay cut: "I think it's necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we [are] rewarded." [52] Congressmen need high salaries to boost their self-esteem???

Liberal "math" still can't get around the fact that a certain liberal political party has a problem with numbers. It's proven beyond any doubt that with Democrats in control of Congress, revenue goes down, the surplus disappears, and the deficit goes up. [53]

Pro-life advances: "Arkansas May Pass The Nation’s Most Restrictive Abortion Ban, Even Without The Governor’s Support." [54] Arkansas is one of five states in which a simple legislative majority can override a governor's veto.

A New Jersey Assembly committee passed several gun control measures, but not without protest. A report from the "trenches." [55]

Did Obama make some hints towards health care rationing? [56]

"Mark Twain, the ice storm, and Jesus Christ" by Bishop Bert [57]

The Second Amendment is our most important Constitutional liberty. A Tea Party activist reviews the Constitution and other laws, and also asks: why is the Department of Homeland Security buying billions of rounds of ammunition? [58]

Fame, glory, overcoming a disability, a beautiful girlfriend ... and now a charge of murder against the Olympic athlete known as the "Blade Runner." [59] Would that tragedy have happened if they had married???

Why parents love their children.[60]

Union jack.jpg

Blimey! The United Kingdom viewership of Creation.com is up 62.37% since September 8, 2012. More Brits are sick of evolutionary rubbish![61]

The agnostic and former militant atheist Richard Dawkins loses a debate at the University of Cambridge by a vote of 324 votes to 136 votes. [62]

Ashes are administered at D.C. Union Station to a welcoming public: "Some almost charged over when they saw the untraditional pop-up chapel in the crowds, cutting off other commuters." [63]

Executive orders cannot carry the force of law. But Barack Hussein Obama hopes they do. An activist tells what's wrong with that. [64]

People are rejecting liberal claptrap: The audience for Obama's State of the Union address plummeted by more than 20%, nearing his record low for all of his speeches. [65] Nearly 10 million Americans turned off their TV when Obama appeared.

Conservative Senator Marco Rubio is a "loser" and "a token slave boy" according to "a top assistant to a Univisión news boss," the Spanish-language network. [66] Fair and balanced media??

When three world leaders called for a new world order, did anyone listen? [67]


A Question evolution! campaign group is challenging the members of an atheist wiki to debate the 15 questions for evolutionists! Another creation vs. evolution debate gauntlet is thrown down! [68]

The Olympics, caving into political correctness, drop wrestling from its program, while retaining joke sports. [69] A war against wrestling has been waged by feminists at the college level under the proportionality test, causing elimination of hundreds of those teams too.

Russian parliamentarians, led by State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, have proposed a change to the Secondary History curriculum to include faith-based alternatives to Darwin’s evolutionary theory.[70] Is secular Europe next?

Give it up, liberals: the next Pope is likely to be Cardinal Arinze, an African leader as conservative as Conservapedia.

What's it like to apply for your Second Amendment rights? A New Jersey resident shares her experience. [71]

POPE BENEDICT XVI WILL STEP DOWN Cites Age as Reason for Decision With Few Precedents. [72] [73]

Bible believing creationists are about to have their very finest hour. [74]

"What Does ‘Tautology’ Mean? Education Secretary Doesn’t Know." [75] In wasting time, Dem Sen. Al Franken's odd remark prompted the admission.

The high cost of the global warming hoax: inadequately prepared power companies that waste money on green energy leave "more than 345,000 still without power after Northeast snowstorm." [76]

"Honoring Christ, now and then" by Bishop Bert [77]

Will Charles Darwin's former residence, Down House, be converted to a Creation Museum?[78]

The Museum of Scientific Atheism in Leningrad was restored to a church by order of the the former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Looking back at how C. S. Lewis, though he began as an atheist, came to question, then to reject, evolution. Hint: evolutionists still have not learned any lessons. [79]

Looks like Conservapedia was right yet again: Evidence suggests it was not a faulty relay switch, as the lamestream media claimed, which caused the 35-minute Super Bowl blackout: "Relays don't fail on their own, or it's relatively rare," observes an expert. [80]

Union jack.jpg

London, England tops a list of cities most visiting the prominent creationist website Creation.com.[81]

British creationists, it is time to hunt down and exterminate evolutionary folly in the UK. Tally-ho!

Obama Administration approves "wind farm developer to move on project that could kill 8 – 14 bald eagles per year." [82] Where’s opposition by "environmentalist groups" - perhaps their agenda is not really to protect vulnerable species like bald eagles after all??

250,000 reasons why belief in biblical creation will be more prevalent in 2 years. [83]

Also, are Darwinists attempting to indoctrinate children as young as kindergartners into Darwinism in 26 plus states in America soon? Is an all-out countereffort going to be launched by American creationists?

An asteroid will make a close pass at earth. And in so doing, it makes the case for the Great Flood. Hint: if it formed as the evolutionists say it formed, it could not come back this close to earth. [84]

Snowstorm hits the land of the biggest promoters of the global warming hoax: New York City and Boston. "1 to 3 feet feared." [85]

Christopher Dorner, rogue ex-cop, wanted in connection with several recent murders in California. And according to his manifesto, he's a hate-filled liberal. [86]

New liberal theory is to claim that it is against the law for the government to reduce spending: Harry Reid declared, "I question the legality" of ending Saturday mail service! [87]

The facts of true science support the Bible’s teaching that mankind is the pinnacle of creation. [88]

No matter how much evolutionists want it to be so, there will never be any universities, hospitals or orchestras founded by ape-like creatures.

Is your wallet a little lighter these days? It's called the increased costs of Obamacare: [89]

Inspired and motivated by leftist hate. The shooter at the Family Research Center last year pleads guilty, and admits he was motivated to do so after seeing it listed as "anti-gay" at the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center website. [90]
This particular connection - and "hate" map published by the SPLC and touted by CNN - was ignored by the major news media. [91][92]

Great conservative sports star Curt Schilling says that the Boston baseball organization tried unsuccessfully to get him to do drugs. [93] That's pathetic when administrators are pushing drugs.

A homosexual evolutionist in Maryland is caught in a creationist bear trap.[94]

Will the evolutionist extricate himself and take a swipe at a creationist or is he just another powerless and ineffective evolutionist?

Barack Hussein Obama orders drone warfare against American citizens abroad (thus far). And the Mainstream Media barely say a word. With some notable exceptions. [95] And by the way: it is unconstitutional. [96]

Neocon Fox News Channel, pathetic on the social issues, purges the wrong people in a desperate attempt to halt its ratings slide. [97] Fox has been the platform for RINO Backers like Karl Rove.

Clash Daily’s Steve Sheldon, a self-described “lifelong shotgunner,” offers details on why Barack Hussein Obama's alleged skeet shooting photo looks staged.[98]

Breitbart.com comments on Barack Obama's Skeetgate.[99]

Obama's "skeet shooting" is about as convincing as Michael Dukakis' "tank commanding".[100]

Barack Hussein Obama engages in fake skeet shooting![101]

Obama's "shotgun is aimed straight ahead, where all skeet shooters we know of, including ourselves, follow the arc of the clay once the shooter yells 'Pull!' Shooting straight is simply not doable, unless he is shooting at the person releasing the clay from its boot housing." [102]

Tea Party to Karl Rove: Thank You Very Much! [103]

Gun control is not about guns; it's about control. Josef Stalin understood this, and now even Joe Biden had to admit it. [104]

Al Gore's disastrous book tour: a breath of fresh air! [105]

"Magnitude 8 Quake Near Solomon Islands Triggers Tsunami," yet liberal denial persists about how increases in large earthquakes are a counterexample to an Old Earth. [106]

A former Girl Scout shares some of her memories. WARNING! They are NOT pretty. [107]

A week of speechmaking for school choice is not enough, says this activist. Now the real work begins. [108]

As Barack Hussein Obama continues his attack on the Second Amendment, a long-time activist steps forward to defend it.
Texas Flag Come and Take It.jpg

As the Boy Scouts prepare to take their vote, a Tea Party activist reminds them of some disturbing history. [110]

Is this what the gay community wants in the Boy Scouts? [111]

Is there a universal way Christians should interpret the Bible?[112]

The Superdome, powered by heavily regulated electricity, 26,000 LED lights, pushed by green energy zealots...just what could go wrong? [113] The whole world is now a witness to it!

"Nearly half of college students who graduated in 2010 are holding down jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree, while 38% are in positions that don't require even a high school diploma." [114] Worst College Majors and Obama's economic policies are two big reasons.

Germany’s gold is on the move. For the first time since official gold transactions became more transparent, the Bundesbank has given notice that a significant portion of its holdings will be transferred home from France and the United States. [115]

Harvard Kennedy School Panel on Davos Forum: "'The mood of the meeting was absolutely different from last year,' said Felipe Calderon." [116]

Is government replacing the church, by using tax money for things that tithes are supposed to pay for? And whose fault is that? Might it be ourselves, for letting this happen? [117]

A day later, the "experts" are still clueless about what caused the blackout during the Super Bowl. [118] Hey, maybe liberals can blame this on George W. Bush??

Bones found beneath a "car park" (the Brits' name for a parking lot) are confirmed to be that of power-hungry King Richard III. [119] God does have a sense of humor.

If the Boy Scouts aren't good business anymore, maybe it's time for men and boys of good will to leave. Alternatives do exist. And maybe the Executive Council of the BSA should have – what's that again? – "been prepared." [120]

" 'In Their Own Words': From the Participants of the Shoot Down of KAL 007" by Bishop Bert [121]

A skeptics feeble attempt to refute Noah's ark is soundly defeated.[122]

The rich Swiss and Americans are a slap in the face to Darwinists. Yodele he who! God bless America![123]

A French Canadian anthropologist, author and creation activist gives his perspective on the Question Evolution! Campaign.[124]

SUPER DUD: The lights don't even stay on at the Super Bowl, the halftime performance was probably lip-synched, and the play was sloppy. [125] Welcome to the NFL that cares more about political correctness than anything else.

Barack Hussein Obama did not really change his Contraceptive Mandate. The basic idea is still in place, and now he tries to separate faith from business, by order of the government. [126]

Flag of Switzerland.png

30% of Swiss reject evolution, and belief in biblical creation is growing in Switzerland. Swiss creationist group is being contacted about Question Evolution! Campaign. [127]

Prominent Canadian creationist Ian Juby endorses International Question Evolution! Day.[128]

Four US states are considering laws that challenge the teaching of Darwinism.[129]

Imagine how many more bills will be introduced after Project 200 plus is greatly expanded in its intensity and scope.

"Gallup: Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 47 Out of 50 States." [130]

"Sensitivity training will start post-Super Bowl after the anti-gay remarks made" by a 49ers player. [131] The homosexual agenda is at odds with the right to free speech.

Unemployment increases to 7.9%. [132]

Mark Levin pretends to defend the Constitution but will allow no protest of its most serious breach to date: that de facto President Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen. [133]

Liberal Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey has much to explain. But why did New Jersey's voters wait until he did something like this (assuming it's true) after he violated the Constitution so many times? [134] UPDATE: The former leader of the effort to recall Menendez from the Senate made this statement.

News from the creation vs. evolution battlefront: "Creation.com breaks another USA milestone. We are going from one peak of Question Evolution! Campaign success to another!" [135]

A former Eagle Scout calls on the Boy Scouts of America to reject calls to allow open homosexuality in the ranks of its members and adult leaders. [136] UPDATE: The head of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays weighs in on the same subject: [137]

A Tea Party and education activist has this message for those concerned with failing schools: stand on your own two feet! Includes a resource for homeschooling. [138]

Another major "missing link" of evolutionism fails.[139] If there is one thing evolutionists are good at, it is failing!

Is Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) who challenged Barack Hussein Obama to a skeet shooting contest, better at skeet shooting than Obama? Was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis better at skeet shooting than Obama? [140]

Despite claiming to skeet shoot, Obama can't provide any witnesses or other evidence that he has ever engaged in skeet shooting.

Question: Why are liberal girly men so afraid of guns and skeet shooting contests?

"The Matzah Ball and the Sign of the Cross," by Bishop Bert [141]

"College Students Get Stung By ObamaCare." [142] And students in the Worst College Majors are hit particularly hard by the huge increase in premiums, as they have little future income.

Is a coup d'état in America in the offing? Here is the evidence; you can decide. And maybe persuade your local sheriff to prepare to fight it, if he hasn't already signed on to do just that. [143]

A children's morality play about makers and takers – in real life, with no script. [144]

Australia has its largest ever creation supercamp. Global creationism is expanding via international networking.[145]

The response from a group of young people attending the creation supercamp was "overwhelmingly positive".

Ken Cuccinelli observes that Justice Antonin Scalia is not conservative enough anymore. [146] Cuccinelli is likely to defeat the liberal media and win the governorship of Virginia, a key swing state.

A Tea Party activist calls the Mainstream Media on two major reporting failures – including the Sandy Hook massacre. Read it; it might surprise you. [147]

In the battle over biblical authority there is a key position that is critical to hold against the enemy’s attack, and that position is the age of the earth. [148]

101 evidences for a young earth and universe.[149]

An analysis of Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration speech: [150]

Obama's tax increase causes consumer confidence to plummet to only 58.6, far below its value of 100 when Ronald Reagan was president. [151]

Round two: Battle of the sexes: Atheist feminism vs. atheist male chauvinism - Which will win? Jesus will be triumphant in 2013.[152]

The terrifying mindset of Hillary Rodham Clinton: [153]

The "hockey stick" hoaxter whines about the funding given to opponents of global warming. [154]

Battle of the sexes: Atheist feminism vs. "atheist male privilege" - Which will win? Does Jesus win again? [155]

Why does a butterfly have the face of a snake on its wings? Check out these examples [156] and ask yourself if it's either 1), the animals involved knew exactly what they were doing - which smacks of a higher intelligence - or 2), God created it.

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