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Blake Gates Masters (born August 5, 1986) is the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, against Leftist puppet Mark Kelly (R-AZ), who is the incumbent Democrat and pro-open border. The Cook Political Report calls this race a toss-up, and the latest average of polls as of November 7, 2022, has the two candidates separated by only 1 point.[1]

Blake Masters has made Dems' opening of the southern border to illegal aliens and a flood of fentanyl a central issue in his campaign. "The border, crime, and inflation are resonating with voters as they fill out their ballots for the November election," admits the liberal media.[2]

Blake Masters is an American businessman and venture capitalist. Masters studied law in Stanford University and earned Juris Doctor graduate degree. Masters was later chief operating officer of Thiel's hedge fund, Thiel Capital, and also president of the Thiel Foundation. Masters co-wrote Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future with Peter Thiel in 2014. Masters known as strong Trump supporter, he endorsed him since 2015. Masters got president Trump endorsement during primary and won easily against Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich.

In early October 2022, Blake Masters called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Polls showed Masters behind Leftist puppet Mark Kelly in early October 2022, but panic set in among liberals two weeks before the election as polls tightened and people realized that the GOP outperforms polling there:

Polling in Arizona has not always been accurate in recent elections. In Arizona’s 2020 special Senate election, for instance, polls showed Kelly with a sizable, at times double-digit lead over then-Sen. Martha McSally, who was appointed to the seat in 2019. An election-eve survey by Reuters and Ipsos had Kelly leading by 9 percentage points. But Kelly ultimately won by just under 2.5 points.[3]

The Cook Report embarrassingly changed its forecast first in favor of the Democrat, and then belatedly back to "toss-up" merely 12 days before the election,[4] after previously predicting that the liberal Dem Mark Kelly would win.


Masters campaign focus on economy, inflation, crime, education and border crisis issues.[5] Masters consider himself a hard-line nationalist and pro America first. He opposed $40 billion Ukraine aid.[6] He is pro life and he oppose Obergefell v. Hodges.

Debate performance

Blake Masters received high marks for his aggressive debate performance on October 6. The liberal media explained:

He wasted little time framing Kelly as a rubber stamp for President Joe Biden and did it in blunt language.

“Our border is in chaos, we’ve got drugs and illegal aliens just pouring in, crime is up, the cost of groceries. Actually, the cost of everything you need to live keeps going up and up,” Masters said.[7]

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