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The top 60 list of some of the best conservative news, opinion, and blog sites. The following are Conservapedian personal picks, followed by web traffic rankings from Alexa and SimilarWeb that show global traffic as well as ranking United States web traffic.

Because of Conservapedia's collaborative nature, is in a unique position to rank other information sources of all types using input and suggestions from fellow conservatives.


Rank Alexa Global Alexa U.S. SimilarWeb Global SimilarWeb U.S. Information Source Comments
1 9560 1688 6385 1142 Gateway Pundit Tremendous writing, with a rapier wit, and the national leader in breaking honest, original news stories.
2 8860 1403 19663 3462 WorldNetDaily WND is an excellent conservative news and commentary source, which never flinches on the most difficult and important issues.
3 100346 14035 124632 26357 The New American Consistently conservative news and commentary; emphasizes issues related to globalism and national sovereignty and the left-wing push for world government that even many conservative outlets choose not to cover
4 256 53 1078 201 Breitbart News Breaks some big stories and exposes liberal deceit, takes a strong conservative stance on most issues, including even on social issues
5 27182 5891 19705 4652 LifeSiteNews Terrific focus on pro-life and other moral issues; savvy and original ... and doesn't suffer fools lightly
6 43311 8369 38492 6868 CNSNews Uniquely informative news across all issues, including social ones; a top-quality news site in every respect
7 126254 19792 107582 19229 Conservative Review Takes a very strong and consistent conservative stance on immigration and border security and does not hesitate to criticize Republicans for their failure on that issue, among others
8 35676 5830 38848 6956 NewsBusters Affiliated with CNS News. Insightful, original, and good across all issues; exposes liberal deceit well
9 153865 36748 146123 72645 Voice of Europe Focuses on Europe, particularly immigration and EU-related stories from a conservative standpoint
10 1011 169 5951 1066 Daily Caller known as The DC, is a conservative news website co-founded by journalist and media personality Tucker Carlson.
11 6755 1254 8229 1669 Washington Times A conservative news source from the nation's capital
12 7409474 7409474 1531144 296052 Conservative News and Views Relatively new, covers a variety of conservative issues but mostly politics
13 138589 24376 139396 24667 A division of the American Family News Network, reporting on general news with liberal selection bias
14 12498 2264 15125 2767 The Federalist Has some insightful conservative commentary.
15 21646 6354 13861 3472 Christian Broadcasting Network CBN News is a good source for issues related to Christianity from a theologically and politically conservative standpoint
16 6178 1339 2596 442 Washington Examiner Has several strongly-conservative commentators and news is mostly free of liberal bias, though exceptions exist in both categories.
17 393 138 1151 260 The Wall Street Journal Often (but not always) runs conservative editorials, and news does not have as much of the bias in other mainstream media sites.
18 243 57 124 30 Fox News FNC's primetime hosts (as of 2017) are strongly conservative and pro-Trump, but the demographic of FNC's viewers are predominantly the elderly. In general, it takes a slightly more conservative stance than the rest of the mainstream media and covers stories that the MSM chooses to skim over or not to report on. However, it still has some left-leaning bias, is run by the globalist Murdoch family, and it has censored many conservatives[1] and downplays the social issues (for example, see: Fox News and homosexuality)
19 1098 247 1201 229 The Hill terrific source of news from Washington, D.C., usually without liberal bias (although its comment section is overwhelmed with snide anti-Trump and anti-conservative comments by irrational liberal posters)
20 89688 18252 40574 9111 has lots of abortion-related stories, and prioritizes them well, but is not critical enough of politicians who pretend to be pro-life
21 17981 3235 19752 3379 Hot Air Founded by Michelle Malkin in 2006, Hot Air typically links to other stories, often with a neoconservative emphasis rather than socially conservative
22 11283 1920 15084 2629 RedState unhelpful or worse on social issues, such as piling on against Todd Akin amid the media bullying, and very anti-Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Otherwise, a decent source for conservative news and commentary
23 24405 5768 48923 12521 Christian Science Monitor refreshing in its lack of lamestream media liberal bias
24 11718 1973 21870 3802 Orange County Register the newspaper for the region that once propelled Ronald Reagan to become the governor of California, and then the President of the United States
25 3047 2160 6589 5570 Voice of America worth reading from time to time
26 48313 10087 50901 9273 The Daily Signal The Daily Signal is a news outlet of the Heritage Foundation.
27 157890 77803 88338 17427 Live Action Also known as Live Action Films, is a leading new media, investigative, and educational organization founded by Lila Rose and committed to the protection and respect of all human life.
28 5948 1098 9374 1593 The Blaze The Blaze is a news, information and opinion web site, blog and TV show which has combined with Conservative Review TV(CRTV) to create Blaze Media.
29 56425 20262 56385 16456 wattsupwiththat exposing the global warming hoax and other liberal falsehoods masquerading as science
30 33168 4977 20321 3419 Power Line Power Line Blog rose to national public attention during the 2004 election when it questioned the validity of a 60 Minutes report and documents used were later proven as forgeries. The controversy is now infamously known as "Rathergate"
31 8276 1485 6885 1181 Covering breaking news, U.S. news, world news, investigative reporting, politics, political humor, conservative opinions, and more.
32 61861 20026 298553 61301 Human Events Human Events was founded as a conservative magazine in 1944.
33 8148 1250 8630 1455 Newsmax Publishes a monthly magazine, maintains a website, and offers a cable television channel NewsMax TV.
34 986 291 9503 1646 Western Journal/Conservative Tribune Highly popular conservative news outlet.
35 13828 3026 15687 2743 American Thinker a daily internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans.
36 13816 4209 41320 7122 Judicial Watch public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption.
37 9842 1453 7830 1368 Pajamas Media
38 24768 4527 23917 4005 Rush Limbaugh One of the most well known conservative broadcasters.
39 671 137 556 121 New York Post The New York Post is a conservative tabloid newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.
40 674 145 377 89 Drudge Report The Drudge Report has been an online aggregator for more than two decades of Hollywood and media news, and news censored by the mainstream media. Leans Anti-Trump.
41 55431 13957 56309 10779 Louder with Crowder Steven Crowder hosts a conservative news YouTube channel which has been banned for wrong-think. Ever since being de-monitized, his internet traffic has consistently inched downward.
42 39061 7767 23907 4122 One America News Network OANN is best known for its news reports which are objective and straightforward and its conservative talk shows The Daily Ledger hosted by Graham Ledger and Tipping Point hosted by Liz Wheeler.
43 59382 11014 64969 13342 FrontPage Magazine FrontPage Magazine is an online American conservative political magazine.
44 56234 10444 30227 5498 Hannity Conservative commentator and media personality.
45 45732 8397 68261 11908 The Right Scoop The Right Scoop is a conservative media news blog.
46 79775 23805 111356 26963 First Things First Things is a conservative website founded by Richard John Neuhaus to promote public philosophy and oppose the secular ideology.
47 48495 10431 65324 11630 Legal Insurrection Legal Insurrection is a popular conservative law blog.
48 81491 12159 111941 20361 Campus Reform Campus Reform is an activism and news website focused on the issues of student indoctrination in America's colleges and universities.
49 20061 3918 17021 2904 Free Republic Free Republic is an online message board for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web.
50 289602 100282 477250 86769 Media Research Center The MRC is a conservative media watchdog group.
51 109405 31182 76783 13201 Bill O'Reilly The No Spin Zone by Bill O'Reilly
52 379708 99217 370540 67883 Moonbattery Moonbattery is a website to discuss all the craziness coming from moonbats.
53 37323 14532 43784 9759 Stars and Stripes Stars and Stripes is a newspaper aimed at military members and U.S. Armed Forces.
54 57053 12177 56127 9882 Chicks on the Right A trio of conservative women who also have a radio program.
55 3494 870 3115 563 The Daily Wire A news and opinion website founded by Ben Shapiro.
56 14618 2539 14994 2528 Twitchy Twitchy is a news and twitter tracking website, founded by Michelle Malkin.
57 7247 1352 39258 6762 Bizpac Review A conservative news and opinion website.
58 24819 3884 23632 4117 The Conservative Treehouse A Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits.
59 11653 2684 22863 4327 A Libertarian-minded news website that promotes free markets.
60 97579 16350 114641 20851 LifeZette A conservative magazine founded and run by Laura Ingraham.

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  1. Conservatives censored (or subjected to hostile interviews) by Fox News include Newt Gingrich (after Fox News decided to back Mitt Romney), Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Tom Pauken, Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Michael Steele, J.D. Hayworth, Steve Lonegan and Tom Coburn; Sharron Angle was rarely on Fox News, far less than John McCain was, even though Angle's race was far more important than McCain's.