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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. -- Walt Disney

Dreaming is using creativity and imagination to create goals in pursuit of idealism. This allows people to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to potential setbacks. Without dreaming one would not know what they desire, how they want to feel, or what they want to work hard to create. [1] Our liberal society has evolved into a world that would rather see one fail than succeed. While the losses may be more painful, the wins are far more rewarding. For every innovative idea, there were those who initially laughed them off... until they became reality [2] Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase nor would there would be any goal to reach. Without dreams, people can easily lose interest in life and finally hate to live life resulting in nihilism. As dreams give people a purpose in life. [3] Conservatives value Dreaming and have supported capitalism, which brought in The American Dream. The American Dream exists because of capitalism. Because our nation’s founders chose capitalism, and because, like millions of other immigrants pining for freedom and happiness, people are able to live the American Dream. [4] While unlike in other countries, people don’t rely on the government to get things done. The government stays out of their way. Americans instead rely on their own ingenuity. So In America, the only limit to your ambition is your own imagination. To have more American originals like Walt Disney, it is important that we keep it that way. [5] Dreaming is a big part of entrepreneurship. As in order to be an entrepreneur, one has to be a dreamer and when they dream, they have to dream big. As entrepreneurs are always come up with new ideas and their approach always deals with improving peoples' lives. [6] Dreaming also helps self-improvement. As dreamers realize that they can’t fulfill their dreams by doing the same things over and over again if they are expecting different results. They need to improve and move forward, rather than continue on the same path and be left behind. [7] Being a dreamer also encourages people to work hard. Without any hard work, a dream will only remain a desire and will actually never be achieved. [8] Since being a dreamer requires large amounts of effort and dedication this will get people out of their comfort zone, and make them an innovative individual. [9]