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List of RINOs in the 117th Congress of the United States

List of RINOs that are members of the 117th Congress


Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, one of the most infamous RINOs voted for Trump's impeachment.[1]

Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski voted for Trump's impeachment.[2] She is also among the few pro abortion Republicans.

Susan Collins

Collins also voted for impeachment and is the other pro abortion Republican in the senate.

Ben Sasse

Voted for Impeachment. Sasse has been a staunch never Trumper.

Pat Toomey

Toomey Voted for Trump's impeachment.

Bill Cassidy

Cassidy voted for Trump's impeachment.

Richard Burr

Burr voted for Trump's impeachment.

Mitch McConnell

Mitch may not have voted for impeachment, but he has been a consistent obstacle for conservative causes.

John Cornyn

Supports Amnesty[3]

Lindsey Graham

Supports Amnesty[4]

Mike Rounds

Supports Amnesty[5]


Liz Cheney

Cheney voted for Trump's impeachment. Number three most important Republican in the House by position (behind Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise,[6]

Dan Newhouse

Voted to impeach Trump. He also supports Mass Amnesty Bills.[7]

Peter Meijer

Congress Freshman who replaced NeverTrumper Justin Amash,He also supports Mass Amnesty Bills.[8][9]

Adam Kinzinger

Vocal never Trump Representative from Illinois. He voted to impeach Trump, and supported gun control measures[10]

David Valadao

Voted to impeach Trump and backs mass amnesty bills.

Tom Rice

Voted to object to both Pennsylvania and Arizona. He ended up being a turncoat and voted for the sham impeachment trial of President Donald Trump

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Anthony Gonzalez

Ohio representative that voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

John Katko

He voted to impeach President Donald Trump. He is also in favor of mass amnesty bills.

Fred Upton

He voted to impeach President Donald Trump. He is also in favor of mass amnesty bills and gun control measures.

Carlos Giménez

While he did vote to object to both Arizona and Pennsylvania. He backed "gun control" measures in congress, as well as Amnesty. [11] and mass-amnesty for illegal aliens.[12]

Maria Elvira Salazar

Supported Mass Amnesty and Gun Control like her counterpart, Gimenez.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Supports gun control, mass amnesty and called for censure of Donald Trump.[13]

Tom Reed

Supports inequality act, and supports censure of Donald Trump.[14]

John Curtis

supports censure of Donald Trump.[15]

Mike Gallagher

supports censure of Donald Trump.[16]

Blake Moore

supports censure of Donald Trump.[17]

Don Bacon

supports censure of Donald Trump.[18] He also has a neo-con track record.

Mike T. McCaul

Notorious House Neocon. He praised Biden's airstrikes on Syria.

Don Young

Known for corrupt earmark of Alaska Bridge that leads to nowhere which drained 200 million dollars.

Mario Diaz-Balart

While voted to object to both state's electoral count, he also backed major amnesty bills.