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Russian oil export revenue soars

Where does Russia get the money to pay for the Ukraine war? Higher gas prices! In the first hundred days of the Ukraine war, China brought $12.6 billion of Russian oil, Germany $12.1 billion, and Italy $7.8 billion. Sixty-one percent of Russian fossil fuel revenue comes from the European Union. See "Russia’s oil export revenue soars to $98 billion as war in Ukraine rages on." PeterKa (talk) 05:38, June 14, 2022 (EDT)

Now you sound just like Joe Biden, "Putin's gas tax." There goes your red wave. RobSZ+ 19:39, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
Oil prices will probably drop. Many countries appear to be heading for a recession. Conservative (talk) 11:54, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
Russia Can “Turn Off” The US With ONE Decision. RobSZ+ 14:44, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
Dang, Putin must be pretty stupid if he hasn't cut off uranium exports to the US that fuel nuclear power plants - even after the US murdered 11 Russian generals and 500 sailors aboard the Moskva.
If it were me, you'd have been eating raw TV dinners after your freezer and microwave lost power and before the food spoiled a few months, if not years, ago. RobSZ+ 14:54, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
Biden Admin Quietly Urging Companies To Purchase Russian Fertilizer:
"we can't help but see the irony that Washington is urging farmers to buy Russian fertilizer (implicitly in part funding Putin's war against Ukraine), while at the same time providing arms and funding to Ukraine (in Ukraine's war against Russia). A real MIC [ military industrial complex ] reacharound." RobSZ+ 19:31, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
I feel that I have perhaps been misunderstood. My point was that lower gas prices should be a priority since that would undermine the Russian war effort. Saudi Arabia sets the world oil price, not Russia. They hiked the price to retaliate against Biden for his pro-Iranian policies. PeterKa (talk) 21:07, June 14, 2022 (EDT)
That's playing by the old rules and the old conventional wisdom. Everything has changed. Biden interfered with natural market forces on day one of his presidency. The petrodollar system is ending. The SWIFT network shrunk itself. The West is using the Ukraine war as excuse to detox from fossil fuels and transition to a renewable energy economy (good luck with that one). And the field of macroeconomics obviously has failed or has some magnificent flaws, cause the Russian Federation's GDP is most definitely larger than Spain or the Benelux countries, as the instigators of this war mistakenly convinced themselves it was. RobSZ+ 21:35, June 14, 2022 (EDT)

Please Add To In The News

Please Add To In The News

Republican flips Congressional seat in Texas. --TheNewRight (talk) 23:35, June 14, 2022 (EDT)

Terrific suggestion!!! Posted.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 01:04, June 15, 2022 (EDT)
Thank You!--TheNewRight (talk) 10:45, June 15, 2022 (EDT)

Fauci tests positive for covid

This has gotta go on MPR: "Quadruple-vaxxed Dr. Fauci tests positive for COVID-19." He's not alone: "Rep. Maxine Waters, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau positive for COVID-19 after Summit of the Americas." Its the second time for both of them. PeterKa (talk) 06:08, June 16, 2022 (EDT)

Why do you care?

Because we should all care about the presence of evil in our world. Here is excellent take down of the ostentatious refusal to care about children swapping their gender by "yawning" liberals. PeterKa (talk) 06:02, June 16, 2022 (EDT)

Setback For The Transgender Agenda

Please add to In The News:

Setback for the Transgender Agenda: Governor Ron DeSantis moves deny taxpayer dollars for transgender "treatments." --TheNewRight (talk) 12:10, June 17, 2022 (EDT)

Russia vs. the globalist West

In preparation of Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil, Saudi Arabia has beheaded 81 homosexuals. Is there any question which side the sovereign state of Saudi Arabia is on as Russia denazify's NATO and the West? RobSZ+ 14:08, June 18, 2022 (EDT)

There is nothing about homosexuals in the CNN story. "These individuals, totaling 81, were convicted of various crimes including murdering innocent men, women and children," the interior ministry said in a statement. "Crimes committed by these individuals also include pledging allegiance to foreign terrorist organizations, such as ISIS (Islamic State), al Qaeda and the Houthis." PeterKa (talk) 10:00, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

That was overkill

The Kalibr missile was designed to hit DC from the mid-Atlantic and travels a Mach 3. The Russians used it to go only 400 km to wipe out the Ukrainian General Staff. Zelensky himself was in town, which may be why so many generals were gathered in one place. The Russians aren't playing anymore. Kyiv may be next, and Johnson, Macron, Scholz, and Draghi may think twice before visiting again. RobSZ+ 15:00, June 19, 2022 (EDT)

We can file this alongside your previous reporting re. Russian armour rolling into Odessa, NATO troops trapped in Azovstal, the Poles invading, and the closure of various imaginary cauldrons. ConwayIII (talk) 19:24, June 19, 2022 (EDT)
Lukashenko is going to deal with the Poles. RobSZ+ 20:35, June 19, 2022 (EDT)
And armour moving into Odessa was your pals, the transvestite twins Zelensky & Arestovich. Whatever NATO officers don't get traded back for hostages held in the West will stand trial at the denazification trials later this summer. But don't worry about that - all of them will undergo interrogation before ever being released. You haven't been seeing the news in recent weeks - 20,000 to 30,000 Ukrops have been decimated in cauldrons in the past six weeks. Need the video of John Kirby weeping at the Pentagon press podium as 8 years of NATO efforts to build the Ukrainian army went up in smoke in an afternoon? RobSZ+ 20:45, June 19, 2022 (EDT)
Gotta love the latest NATO "assistance"; Zelensky announces Ukraine is losing 20,000 men a month, so Boris Johnson goes to Kyiv to tell him, "Don't worry, we'll train 10,000 replacements every 4 months." Now, we can reduce this to a simple quadratic equation using whatever starting figure you like, 265,000, 350,000, 700,000, 1 million or 2 million, but we can fairly accurately calculate how much time they have left - baring the human element and emotion of recruits not being demoralized by reality and the lack of regard for human life by the Ukrainian & NATO Nazi leadership. RobSZ+ 20:55, June 19, 2022 (EDT)
So, the UK can train 30,000 troops a year who will be wiped out on the battlefield in 6 weeks; so let's assume the Ukraine can mobilize 1 million fighters. That would take only 100 years to train them all, and they can all be eliminated in 33 weeks, or about 8 months. Sounds like a game plan, to me. RobSZ+ 21:01, June 19, 2022 (EDT)
Professor John Mearsheimer whose comments over the years has been prescient about Russia/Ukraine says this war is probably going to drag on for a while. So the ConwayIII vs. RobS battle on this issue can probably be likened to commentators commenting on grass growing on a particular lawn. There are probably not going to be any decisive battles in this war. Instead, it is going to be a slow grind. Also, wars are often more difficult to predict than sports events. Conservative (talk) 00:35, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
You evidently didn't listen to Mearsheimer. In a slow grind, the Russians win. That's why NATO keeps escalating the war, risking nuclear annihilation. RobSZ+ 00:48, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
Bottomline: The Russians will not sit tight for a "slow grind" as NATO continues killing Russian soldiers and ethnic Russians. RobSZ+ 00:52, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
John Mearsheimer frankly stated that he doesn't know if the Russians or the Ukrainians will win the war. But he also says that there is a risk that the Russians will go nuclear if they are losing bad enough. So he is for ending the war through negotiation. But he said also said that neither country wants to give concessions at this point so this war will drag out (He said Zelensky briefly floated the idea of Urkraine giving up the idea of joining NATO, but the hardliners in his government would never agree to that now so it will not happen at this point). Mearsheimer does personally lean towards the view that arming Ukraine will wreck Ukraine and they cannot defeat the Russians, but he is not certain about this and he said wars are hard to predict. He also says the risk of a nuclear war keeps would keep going up if the West were to be in a position where they to keep increasing the amount of winning they do in the war so it is not worth the risk because a nuclear war could be catastrophic. Listen to his most recent interview: Wrecking Ukraine: The cost of Winning the War with Geopolitics Expert John Mearsheimer. Conservative (talk) 08:13, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
"hardliners in his government", aka Ukrainian "nationalists", aka Nazis. Zelensky is beholden to the Nazis for his power. The Russians will not negotiate with Nazis. They are there to denazify Ukraine and all of NATO, if necessary. RobSZ+ 12:17, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Also, Mearsheimer thinks the Russians would probably use a nuke if they were losing. I think it is unlikely the Russians would use a nuke. One reason is the risk of nuclear war. Secondly, Russia is downwind of Ukraine and the countries border each other. Conservative (talk) 10:00, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

The only thing keeping Ukraine in the war is outside forces. Russia is not fighting Ukraine, or just Ukraine. Russia is at war right now with NATO. Russians are not stupid, unlike the brainwashed Western public that believes MSM garbage wholesale. And yes, as Mearsheimer says, it's an "existential threat" to both, NATO and Russia. Only in the Russian case, it is not a threat based on pride and embarrassment if they lose. If NATO looses, or rather when NATO looses, our masters and overlords will have no further reason for existence.
As to nukes, yes, Russia is downwind from Western Europe; it is not so far downwind from North America. And the people and governments of Western Europe are not the root cause of the violence, they are merely subjects and vassals (recall at the time of the Maidan coup which started this war, Victoria Nuland never consulted with the EU. When the EU found out about the anti-democratic coup, it was a fait accompli, and they did nothing to oppose US oppression. They went along with it. They themselves need liberation - which you yourself constantly refer to as "rightwing populist" movements in Europe). RobSZ+ 10:14, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
A word should be said about a "negotiated settlement" which is bandied about today. It takes two to negotiate. IOWs, Russia would have to agree to "negotiate" with a representative of whatever remains of the Ukrainian government, or NATO, or the US State Department. Russia is not in any mood to negotiate with the Zelensky regime, the Biden junta, or any of the EU princelings. They all need to be replaced first. RobSZ+ 10:18, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
This is not a war over land or territory; it is a war to subjugate Russia to the West in the same manner that Germany & Japan were thoroughly subjugated to the West after 1945. That will not happen. You personally will fry in a nuclear holocaust first. RobSZ+ 12:10, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
Footnote: 1/3 of the 99 Howitzers (which were never enough) have been destroyed already. (Incidentally, the definition of "independence" and "sovereignty" means you pay for your own damn defense). Keep rooting for NATO, and we can send you as part of the Volksturm. RobSZ+ 13:31, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
Footnote 2: An additional 15 American made M777 Howitzers were destroyed overnite, meaning about half of the 99 now have been destroyed. Additionally, allegations are being made that the HIMARs are being used against civilians; this however needs further verification. 16:19, June 21, 2022 (EDT) More
Add, or rather subtract, two more. [1] RobSZ+ 00:27, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Face facts: the United States is not a land power like Germany, France, Russia, or China are. While we can build heavy weapons like tanks, artillery, multiple rocket launchers like they do, it is impossible to keep them supplied with the quantities of ammunition necessary to make them effective. Nukes have been our first line of defense since 1945, which few are willing to admit and even fewer believe will ever be used. OTHO, we have a psychotic in the White House surrounded by psychotic advisors. If Putin is to be blamed for anything, it is for choosing right now to make them make these decisions. RobSZ+ 16:27, June 21, 2022 (EDT)
Actually, Professor John Mearsheimer says Russia perceives NATO successfully recruiting Ukraine as an existential threat. But as any marketer worth his salt knows, perception is not in actuality reality (But for the consumer of well-done marketing material, "perception is reality"). Similarly, Mearsheimer points out that the West perceives itself as a benign hegemony.
Anyways, I have no idea how this will end. At first, I thought this war would not lead to WWIII or a nuclear bomb being used. Now I am not so sure about this. Conservative (talk) 11:17, June 21, 2022 (EDT)
Well, we might not live long enough to post it in Conservapedia proven right. I sit on top of the largest nuclear dump in the free world'; Kaliningrad ranks up there with nuclear weapons storage facilities, too., and that NATO provocation won't be ignored by Russia. RobSZ+ 13:36, June 21, 2022 (EDT)

War aims

Mearsheimer says, "wars are hard to predict." Yes, this true about wars. The stated objectives at the outset of a war are seldom achieved, and the outcome evolves over the course of the war. Numerous examples abound. For example, Woodrow Wilson's war to "make the world safe for democracy" ended with the creation of the most anti-democratic regime on the face of the planet, the USSR; or FDR & Churchill's Atlantic Charter and the "right of self-determination" which read, "after the destruction of the Nazi tyranny", specifically did not say "destruction of the Nazi regime", i.e. FDR & Churchill were willing to allow the Nazi regime to survive under the "right of self-determination" if that is what the German people voted for as they did in 1932 provided that the Nazi regime respected the inviolability of borders.

By contrast now, you have the Gulf war of 1991 whose stated objective was to liberate Kuwait, and not regime change in Baghdad. Yet public opinion tossed Papy Bush out on his ear for adhering to the stated objectives because the objectives evolved in the public consciousness over the course of the war.

Now, in the present circumstance, Putin never declared regime change as the objective. It was demilitarization and denazification. Donbas can, will be, and is being denazified right now. Lvov is different matter. "Demilitarization" means the Kyiv regime, whether is remains independent or becomes a Russian satellite regime, re-imposes its constitutional amendment to remain neutral and never join NATO. So how do these war objectives work out in overall military planning and objectives?

It means, Russia was willing to allow the Kyiv regime to keep its outside port access to the world at Odessa at the start of the war, sort of like the Polish Corridor between 1919 and 1939. But now we see the objectives evolving. Do the Russians go for uniting all Russian speaking territories like Transnistria and Moldova, and denazify (or "de-nato-ize") Romania, as well? These objectives were not stated at the outset, but NATO is trying to bait Russia into doing it. And Russian public opinion will have a bearing on that decision. RobSZ+ 12:45, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Texas GOP

The platform adopted by the Texas GOP should be a model for the Republican party nationwide. Texans had the courage as party to say Joe Biden "was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States", they call homosexuality an "abnormal lifestyle choice" which even Trump refused to do, they declared opposition "to all efforts to validate transgender identity", they called for the protection of conversion therapy, they want to require all Texan students to learn about the humanity of the pre-born child, they urged a return to the God-ordained definition of marriage, and want an end to no-fault divorce!! Texas GOP even want a statewide electoral college which would guarantee the voting power of the rural conservative and protect them from being diluted by immigrants, communist thugs, and liberals in cities: genius! This is where the national GOP needs to go. A unified rejection of Biden and a declaration of rejection, line by line, of all the woke nonsense the communists are preaching--IScott (talk) 00:06, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Needless to say this needs to be added to MPR --IScott (talk) 00:08, June 20, 2022 (EDT)
Great suggestion! Posted!!! Thanks.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 00:30, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Putin Price Hike

Oh, now we're pitching Biden talking points on MPR? "Russian Squeeze on Energy Prices." RobSZ+ 19:27, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

There goes your red wave. Biden & sanctions aren't responsible for price hikes, Putin & Russia are. Why do we need to confuse readers with this MSM junk? Oh, "cause it says so in the WSJ". RobSZ+ 19:35, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

So what's the story here? "The globalist good guy fell cause of the evil Putin and right wing populism". I git it, "rightwing populists are in bed with kleptocrats and authoritarian dictators against all that is good and holy." Yah, makes perfect sense now. RobSZ+ 19:43, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Don't forget the religious right, of which Putin is one, presumably. The timing couldn't be worse for your red wave, cause people only now seem to be getting a little pissed off. RobSZ+ 19:48, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

So Dems are POed cause it costs $98 to fill the tank; What's the solution? Obvious. Another $3000 stimulus check from the Federal Reserve Board printing presses just before November. That ought to help the Red Wave and inflation at the same time, huh? Sheeesh, if they can $53 billion to Ukrainian Nazis, another $3,000 to the hurting masses of American voters is nothing. RobSZ+ 19:58, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

" We all hear about the so-called ‘Putin price hike’ in the West. When I see this, I wonder who they expect would buy this stupidity – people who cannot read or write, maybe. Anyone literate enough to read would understand what is actually happening. - Vladimir Putin, June 17, 2022. RobSZ+ 23:07, June 20, 2022 (EDT)

Setback for homosexual agenda in Japan

A Japanese court ruled Monday that the country’s ban on same-sex marriage does not violate the constitution, and rejected demands for compensation by three couples who said their right to free union and equality has been violated.

Japan court says ban on same-sex marriage constitutional --Alex Kosh (talk) 01:00, June 22, 2022 (EDT)

China and Japan have a communal mindset/morality and each recognizes they have aging populations and that they are heading towards bitterly cold demographic winters due to their respective subreplacement level of births. Obviously, the societal acceptance of homosexuality does not help boost a society's fertility rate. So each of these societies are actively discouraging homosexuality in their societies. And both societies are not fond of foreigners so turning on the immigration spigots is unpalatable to each of these countries. Conservative (talk) 09:25, June 22, 2022 (EDT)

Andrew Gillum Arrested

Please Add To In The News

Liberal Democrat Andrew Gillum arrested for fraud. --TheNewRight (talk) 13:00, June 22, 2022 (EDT)

Why don't you add it to the Andrew Gillum article? It seems his career was over anyway. RobSZ+ 12:54, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
We got a better (censored) photograph of him here: 2020_Democrat_primaries#Back_of_the_bus_-_possible_VP_picks (scroll down) when he was arrested nude in a motel room with two other men smoking meth, although I still don't see how or why that would eliminate him from contention for the VP spot on a Democrat ticket. I mean, he was only accused. Innocent til proven guilty. Biden took him off the short list cause he's black. RobSZ+ 13:01, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Ok! Will Do! --TheNewRight (talk) 13:46, June 23, 2022 (EDT)

Colbert reacts to arrests

A sign outside Majorie Taylor Greene's office.
Seven members of Stephen Colbert's staff were arrested for "illegal entry" of the Capital, but got released the next morning. Hundreds of J6 demonstrators spent months in prison for this charge. So exactly what provoked the arrests? We can't get a straight answer. Colbert is hiding behind his toy dog: "Drawing any equivalency between a rioter storming the Capitol to prevent the counting of electoral ballots and a cigar-chomping toy dog is a shameful and grotesque insult to the memory of everyone who died and obscenely trivializes the service and the courage the Capitol Police showed on that terrible day."[2]

But Colbert, it was exactly those courageous Capitol Police officers who arrested your staff. Did the staff overstay at the Capitol to vandalize a sign outside the door of US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's office? Here is the sign in question: "There are only TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE. "Trust the science!"" I need a sign like this. PeterKa (talk) 15:51, June 22, 2022 (EDT)

"shameful and grotesque insult to the memory of everyone who died", yah Rosanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt. Sounds like Colbert joined the deplorables. RobSZ+ 16:09, June 22, 2022 (EDT)

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: Ukraine is going to lose this war and there will be a ton of damaged areas in Ukraine

Joe Biden is handling many things badly. This war will probably not be an exception to Biden's tendency to screw things up. And Germany/France are not enthusiastic supporters of this war when it comes to arming the Ukrainians. But war is unpredictable so time will tell. Conservative (talk) 01:49, June 23, 2022 (EDT)

  • Colonel Douglas Macgregor: “The war is over…Ukraine is now a failed state, it's collapsed, people are being pushed at gunpoint into Russian fire...Ukraine should pack it in, unfortunately the White House and 10 Downing St. War Hawks won't let Zelensky surrender...Too bad...The death toll rises on so many young Ukrainians”
  • Scott Ritter: “NATO and the United States are facing the kind of moral and physical defeat at the hands of Russia that will probably mean the end of NATO...I don't think NATO survives this”
  • German TV: Russia Has DEFEATED Ukraine.
RobSZ+ 11:32, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Back in the real world, of course, the EU just announced Ukraine (and Moldova's) candidate status, the Germans have started delivery of heavy artillery, and Macron has announced this only ends once the Russians GTFO, up to & including Crimea. But other than that, yeah, Europe is totally wavering here. ConwayIII (talk) 19:02, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
When the UK votes to rejoin the EU your argument might carry some weight and make some sense. RobSZ+ 21:28, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
The Russians have already began reverse engineering the French CEASAR self-propelled Howitzer they bought from Ukrainians. As soon as a deal is concluded or AFU just runs away and leaves it sit on the battlefield, they'll be reverse engineering those German PANZER 2000s. They are in need of an upgrade from the T-90 which hasn't been upgraded since 1990 and the collapse of the USSR.
The tragedy is, their best and brightest are already dead. Last I heard, Ukraine is drafting people with cerebral palsy to train on these sophisticated NATO weapons. The able bodied with or without brains have a enough sense to desert or run away to avoid the draft. RobSZ+ 19:12, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Angela Merkel, the former Chancellor of Germany, warned of the danger of promoting the idea of NATO membership for Ukraine and the Russians attacking Ukraine in response vindicates Merkel in this matter. And the Germans and French have been slow-walking arms to Ukraine because they are lukewarm about arming the Ukrainians.
Watch a recent interview by one of America's leading political scientists, Professor John Mearsheimer, about the Ukraine/Russia war: Why is the US not pushing for an end to the Ukraine war?
Donald Trump wouldn't have inflamed the Russians like the anti-Russian hawk Biden. And under Trump, the price of oil would be lower so Putin would have had a tougher time funding this war. In addition, Putin respected/feared Trump more than Biden.
Frankly, your zealous cheerleading of Ukraine is embarrassing. "The Economist Intelligence Unit, which recently released its 2021 Democracy Index, doesn’t even consider Ukraine either a full or flawed democracy. Rather, Ukraine falls into the “hybrid regime” bucket, tied for 86th place with Mexico in the democracy rankings."[3] And the country has a longstanding reputation of being one of the most corrupt nations in the world. "According to Transparency International's 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index, (a scale of least to most corrupt nations), Ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 countries in 2021, the second most corrupt in Europe, with Russia the most at 136."[4] Conservative (talk) 21:17, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Putin might have more leverage. I cite: The war in Ukraine is threatening dozens of countries on the brink of famine. 47 million people could face starvation. There could be a flood of Middle East and African migrants to Europe. And a flood of migrants to Europe would cause a rise of right-wing anti-immigration politics in Europe which Emmanuel Macron, German politicians and some other European leaders do not want. Conservative (talk) 22:12, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
"The war in Ukraine has proven that the age of industrial warfare is still here. The massive consumption of equipment, vehicles and ammunition requires a large-scale industrial base for resupply – quantity still has a quality of its own....This reality should be a concrete warning to Western countries, who have scaled down military industrial capacity and sacrificed scale and effectiveness for efficiency. This strategy relies on flawed assumptions about the future of war, and has been influenced by both the bureaucratic culture in Western governments and the legacy of low-intensity conflicts....The winner in a prolonged war between two near-peer powers is still based on which side has the strongest industrial base. A country must either have the manufacturing capacity to build massive quantities of ammunition or have other manufacturing industries that can be rapidly converted to ammunition production. Unfortunately, the West no longer seems to have either....In short, US annual artillery production would at best only last for 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine." [5]
I always thought the Vietnam war was the stupidest mistake America ever made in its entire history. While the Ukraine war is the stupidest idea the Biden regime and NATO ever conceived, it's quickly rivaling the Vietnam war as the stupidest mistake America ever made. And it took us ten years to realize what a mistake Vietnam was; every passing minute now draws us closer to realizing the US and the entire West will never return to the position of global respect and leadership it held after 1945, or the privileges it enjoyed in that position. And all of this disaster the US and the West brought on itself was totally unnecessary. RobSZ+ 22:27, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
The Hill oped:
"The precipitous and chaotic American abandonment of Afghanistan, without proper consultation and support for allies, less than a year ago was a great shock to the NATO alliance, raising grave doubts about the judgment, stability and reliability of the U.S. as leader of the free the rapidly changing landscape of the Ukraine war, we are seeing ominous signs that the U.S. may be leading NATO in the direction of an even worse strategic humiliation — one that can result in a dramatic reconfiguration of the world’s geopolitical structure....faced with the reality of a looming world recession and a spiraling strategic crisis, the agenda for President Biden and our NATO allies has gone from expectations of military victory to hopes for political survival. The consequences of this momentous transformation will ripple far and wide for years to come." [6]
RobSZ+ 00:20, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
The big losers here are Greta Thunberg and AOC, as Germany fires up its coal burning plants to recharge electric vehicles (batteries do not generate electricity, they only store power generated elsewhere). RobSZ+ 00:42, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
But there is no going back to the pre-Biden era now. The NATO/WEF induced recession, and its war on cow farts, will turn us all into bug eaters.
5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change, 9 Feb 2022 - 15 days before Putin's invasion of Ukraine. So the recession and coal burning plants will speed up carbon emissions and bug eating. Oh, and the Atlanta Fed says the recession has begun. [7] RobSZ+ 00:49, June 24, 2022 (EDT)


Even if the Ukraine crisis could be resolved peacefully someway tomorrow, the utter stupidity of this provocation against Kaliningrad would linger. The arrangement was based on the same arrangement Joe Stalin made in 1948 that allowed Western access through a land corridor across East Germany to Berlin - an arrangement that lasted for more than 4 decades. Everyone has known since 1991 (or 1947 more accurately) that Kaliningrad is Russia's trip wire for nuclear war. So here we stand, eyeball-to-eyeball, each with our fingers on the nuclear button. Unconfirmed reports are coming in just now (from an anti-Russian, pro-Ukrainian source in Belarus) that Biden, Sullivan, and NATO have just blinked Looks like Ukrainian disinformation. RobSZ+ 00:29, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

This war will probably drag on

Although Professor John Mearsheimer isn't happy to say this, he thinks this war will probably drag on. I wish he was wrong, but I think he is right about this.

Mearsheimer belongs to the realist school of international relations (see: Realism (international relations)).

Realism (international relations) better explains the Ukraine/Russia war than Liberalism (international relations).

Ever since the fall of man, there have been more sinners in the world than saints. Conservative (talk) 05:27, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Realism explains the fall of Greta Thunberg, cause nobody is going to listen to her complain about coal burning electrical plants when in 40 below zero. RobSZ+ 11:52, June 24, 2022 (EDT)