Mayra Flores

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Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores.jpg
U.S. Representative from Texas's 34th Congressional District
From: June 21, 2022-present
Predecessor Filemon Vela Jr
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Republican
Spouse(s) John Vallejo
Religion Catholic

Mayra Nohemi Flores (b. January 1, 1986, Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico) is an American politician and health practitioner from Republican Party. She is the representative for Texas's 34th congressional district. She won the seat in a special election on June 14, 2022, after the Democrat Representative Filemon Vela Jr resigned in March 2022.


Mayra Flores won 34 Texas district by over 51%, the district which wasn't hold by any Republican candidate from 100 years. Her district also is second largest Hispanic district in country, and her victory was shock in Democrat party who lose more Hispanic voters day after day.[1]

Liberal reactions

After her victory in special election, a racist Democrat congressman Jamaal Bowman consider her and Elon Musk as "white supremacists" because Elon Musk vote for her, despite that Mayra being first Mexican immigrant to be elected in congress.[2]


Mayra Flores describe herself in her platform as America first, pro life, pro God, pro family, pro law enforcement, pro second amendment.[3] She is also pro Trump and Catholic.

Mayra has been criticized for voting for amnesty.[4]

Education and Personal life

Flores was born in Mexico to farm workers family. Then she and her family legally immigrated to the U.S. when she was six years old and became a U.S. citizen at 14. She graduated from from South Texas College in 2019. She is married to U.S. Border Patrol agent and they have four children.[5]